Poor Democrats: The perils of bending over backwards to nominate a criminal

The fix has always been in.

If it drives you crazy that the Republican Party nominated Donald Trump, you have to at least remember this: Party leaders, elected officials and top donors did not work together to clear the field and ensure that Trump would be nominated. Trump won the nomination like it or not – and for the most part, the GOP establishment did not – by winning voters in freely contested primaries and caucuses, over 16 other candidates who ran just as hard and were afforded just as fair an opportunity.

The same cannot be said for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton. For eight years, the Cliinton-controlled DNC apparatus worked to clear the field for Hillary, making it clear to anyone who might dare to challenge the queen that there would be hell to pay if they went Obama on her and denied her the birthright she was obsessed with claiming. We know from the DNC’s hacked e-mails that party officials were putting their thumbs on the scales for her while Bernie Sanders was in the race.

The bottom line is that the Democratic Party wanted very much to nominate Hillary for president, and worked hard to make sure it would happen.

And the Democratic Party did this knowing full well who they were getting. We’ve all known about her schlock, homebrew e-mail server – and all the criminal activity that surrounded it – for well over a year. We’ve all known about her Benghazi lies for more than four years. We’ve known for a veryy long time how she and Bill use the Clinton Foundation as a thinly veiled front operation to peddle influence and enrich themselves. We’ve all known about her other corruption and scandals for decades.

And we’ve also known for a very long time that the Clintons associate with extremely shady characters – although perhaps none of them are as shady as the Clintons themselves.

When the FBI announced on Friday that it is re-opening the e-mail investigation, Democrats and the Clinton campaign went into a panicky scramble to figure out what to do now. Strictly from a campaign strategy perspective, it’s an unenviable position for anyone to be in without a doubt. But exactly what kinds of problems do you think you’re going to have when you nominate someone you know – heck, everyone knows – has based her entire public career on her ability to get away with a decades-long crime spree that continues to this day?

Worthy candidates for the presidency are not under investigation by the FBI. Worthy candidates for the presidency aren’t terrified of having the public find out what’s in their e-mails. A solid argument for a worthy candidate doesn’t usually include the statement, “The FBI director said no reasonable prosecutor would take the case.”

But that’s the case for Hillary Clinton, because everyone knows the things she’s done, and yet she expects the legal cleverness by which she avoids indictment to be rewarded with the presidency.

Hillary now insists it’s mostrous that the FBI is again looking into her criminality and isn’t putting its cards on the table in time to save her from fumbling away this election. No. It’s monstrous that the Democratic Party – knowing full well who and what this woman is – bent over backward to nominate her.

None of this is the fault of James Comey or Huma Abedin or even Anthony Weiner. It’s the fault of Hillary herself, but also of a political party that could have chosen a lot of people who are not criminals as their standard bearer. But they were bound and determined to nominate the crook, if only because the crook and her crook husband are so skilled at power politics that they made the proposition impossible to refuse.

And if that’s the case, then the Democratic Party has itself become a criminal enterprise. Perhaps between now and a week from Tuesday, enough of the electorate will sober up and realize the risks of Donald Trump are nothing compared with the certainty of disaster we’ll get by handing power to these people.

Source: http://www.caintv.com/poor-democrats-the-perils-of-b



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