President Trump BLOCKS Syrian Refugees from Entering the U.S.

President Donald Trump has a draft executive order, the general context of which is laid out in this video report by Alicia Caldwell of the Associated Press. The executive order, which will likely be signed on Thursday, suspends all refugee processing for 120 days. Refugee processing from Syria into the United States will end entirely, as will immigration from Syria.

She reports that “additionally, for at least thirty days, immigration will be suspended from a group of seven predominantly Muslim countries. These are the same countries, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and a few others that were listed by Congress as countries of particular concern with regard to visa waiver program travel. So basically, if anybody from Europe, who is allowed to come to the United States without a visa, has been to one of those countries, they need to get a visa first.”

Reuters reports the other three nations in the group of seven are Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Somalia has been one of Obama’s favorite infestations to burden America with and one of the most dangerous. She notes in the video that the responses have been as one would expect, with those supporting the President also in agreement with the security measures being taken and those in favor of importing more of the same opposed.

She notes that what she labels as “the refugee community,” is very concerned. They may want to address those concerns with their Imams, their countrymen and themselves for failing to stand up to those within their own national populations who fomented terrorism or are sympathetic to it. This is a problem that is not going to go away and these are measures that will not likely be reversed any time soon.

The next terror attack will only serve to strengthen the resolve of the President and his commitment to these changes and the eradication of Islamic terrorism, as he said in his inauguration speech, from the face of the earth.

Caldwell notes that there is a provision in the draft order “calling for the study of Syrian safe zones, both in and around Syria, to allow people to get out of the fray until they can either go back to their homes or find a third party country to be sent to.” That is a solution that should have been pursued from the outset, with 12 times as many people being able to be helped as the current methods, without destroying other nations and in a much shorter period of time. There’s also a much greater likelihood that those receiving help under such an arrangement are actually the ones needing it.

Then again, this whole refugee thing has never been about helping people. It’s about helping people take over the Western civilizations, the globalist and Democrat objectives.

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