President Trump For The Poor And Against The Global Warming Cult

President Donald Trump

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The Left increasingly represents the power elite, keeping the poor in  line and dependent with threats and handouts. Donald Trump’s win confirms that the “Right” now tends more to represent the working poor. And the Left’s latest attack on the poor – its global warming jihad – just hit a wall.

Charles Krauthammer:

This is an ideologically and electoral revolution of the kind we haven’t seen since Reagan. What this means ideologically is that the Republican party has become the populist party and the country is going to be without a classically conservative party.

What Trump has done is not just awaken the white working class but to win it back. These were the Reagan Democrats. They drifted away, he brings them back … on … immigration and trade … I think the reason he got him back is he simply said, I’m your voice. I hear what you’re saying…

This is part of the worldwide Brexit revolution, of … countries in the west understanding that globalization and the advances we get from this new economy, the information economy, have brought tremendous benefits but no one has addressed the needs of those who are the net losers. Net globalization trade is always a positive, but net means there are winners and losers. And Trump is a guy who understood that. He’s spoken to those who lost out. He said I speak for you.

I don’t know whether his remedies are going to work, but certainly what we’re seeing is an ideological shift, speaking for the white working class, and also, the non-white working class, and it’s going to be an electoral shift because that means that the old rustbelt is in play permanently for Republicans. On the other hand with the rise of Hispanic … voting, the classically safe Southern states for Republicans are no longer that classically safe.

Terry McCrann:

… the world didn’t end around 3pm yesterday when it became clear that Trump was going to “do the impossible”.

Just as with all those dire warnings of the disastrous consequences that would flow from the Brexit vote, the same applies to this.

Yesterday’s vote is not going to tip the global economy into recession; President Trump is not going to start World War III. What happened to our market was understandable — we just followed Wall St down. But what happened on Wall St was just dumb…

In a broader sense, the world will go on pretty much as it was before. The elephant in our room is not the US president or even the US economy. It’s China. The US is ground zero for global sharemarkets and global interest rates. But they are most influenced by the US Fed. If anything, a Trump win is going to keep the Fed’s ‘magic low-interest hooch’ filling the party punch bowl.

Yes, a Trump presidency will be very different to a Clinton one would have been and, indeed, what the Obama one was. It will also be supported by the Republicans controlling both houses of Congress. That means he will get things done.

The best thing will be to abandon the US attacking its economy and its citizens by “fighting climate change”.

It’s both ironic and fantastic that this happened at exactly the same time as the “great climate change gravy train” rolled into Morocco to “celebrate” the stupidity agreed in Paris last December.

This is also the biggest lesson for Australia. It will make no sense to keep attacking the coal that is the absolutely indispensable foundation not just of our electricity supply and our entire economy, but indeed our prosperity and our very civilisation.

I am looking forward to this.

Andrew Bolt writes for the Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, and The Advertiser and runs Australia’s most-read political blog. On week nights he hosts The Bolt Report on Sky News at 7pm and his Macquarie Radio show at 8pm with Steve Price.




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