Priebus – Yeah, Millions Of Illegals Could Have Voted In CA And Elsewhere

CBS News is no friend of the Trump administration so it’s not surprising that their “Face the Nation” program would include an assertion by its host John Dickerson that Donald Trump is a liar. It would be surprising if he had similarly identified Hussein Obama, for even one of the innumerable times his mouth was moving, but that’s not going to happen. He’s also not going to allow anything to diminish the claim of the Democrats that Clinton won the popular vote. It’s a critical component of their effort to de-legitimize and diminish Mr. Trump’s landslide victory, one that he pulled off in spite of their fraud.

Ignore the size of their crowds and the years-long campaign to outlaw voter ID requirements and to flood the country with illegals. Ignore the fact that there were people on their own and George Soros’ payroll, directed by the White House and Clinton, who beat up Trump supporters and incited riots. Democrats would never do anything dishonest to “win” and election. Just ignore all of it, you sorry excuse for journalists.

Dickerson had Mr. Trump’s Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus on the program Sunday. He put to him the question, “Let me ask you as an incoming chief of staff, what do you do when ‘he’ says something like ‘millions of voters voted illegally in California’ when you know that that’s not true?” It was a feeble attempt, at best, to elicit a contradiction and refutation of the next president and it failed miserably. Priebus responded with the truth, telling Dickerson, “Well I don’t know if that’s not true, John. I saw there was an article in the Wall Street Journal the other day and it had a certain percentage of people that are voting that shouldn’t be voting. There are estimates all over the map on that.”

He continues, “And here’s the problem, no one really knows. I mean you don’t know that that’s not true.” Dickerson responds by asking, “You think millions of people voted illegally?” He makes the assertion that “There is no evidence that it happened in millions of votes in California.” Apparently he’s satisfied that the Clintons and Democrats covered their tracks well enough to have it declared as never having happened. He says, “I guess the question is, when you’re president, can you just offer a theory that has no evidence behind it or does he have to tighten up his standards of proof?” There’s plenty of evidence, Dickerson, if only “journalists” like you or agents with the FBI wanted to investigate it.

Priebus is having no part of Dickerson’s nonsense, saying, “I think he’s done a great job. I think the President-elect is someone who has pushed the envelope and caused people to think in this country as not taking conventional thought on every single issue and it’s caused people to look at things that maybe they’ve taken for granted.”

He uses the flag-burning controversy as an example of the unconventional thought that caused a revolution in this country, adding, “Which is why I think President Trump is going to go down in history as a really great president.” Got it, Dickerson? And that will be in spite of the best efforts of you and your comrades to the contrary.




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