Prisoners In Russia Down To Historic Low; Moscow Now Sourcing Recruits From Africa For Ukraine War – UK

Published June 11, 2024

On June 10, UK Defence Intelligence said that Russia is intensifying efforts to recruit fighters from African countries to bolster its military in the ongoing Ukraine war. 

This move is seen as a clear indication that Moscow is grappling with a significant shortage of mobilization resources, particularly prisoners, a group it has heavily relied upon to mitigate public dissatisfaction with the war.

The UK Ministry of Defence, in its latest intelligence update, highlighted that on May 28, Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence reported an uptick in Russian recruitment activities targeting Central African nations, including Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, and Uganda.

Russia is offering attractive incentives to these potential recruits, including a $2,000 registration bonus, a $2,200 monthly salary, and the promise of a Russian passport.

British intelligence assesses that this aggressive recruitment drive is aimed at compensating for the severe losses suffered by the Russian military on the battlefield and sustaining offensive operations on multiple fronts. 



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Published June 11, 2024

Russia has intensified the recruitment of prisoners from countries in the Global South, as the domestic prisoner resource has been exhausted, and conducting a mobilization is risky for Putin, citing the UK Ministry of Defence.

According to the briefing, on May 28, the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine reported that Russia has ramped up efforts to recruit Africans to participate in the fighting in Ukraine.

These recruitment efforts are particularly focused on the Central African countries of Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, and Uganda. Russia is reportedly offering a registration bonus of $2,000, a monthly salary of $2,200, and the promise of obtaining a Russian passport.

According to British intelligence, this recruitment campaign is intended to compensate for the significant losses of the Russian army on the battlefield and to sustain offensive activities on several fronts. As the limited pool of prisoners available for recruitment in Russia has been exhausted, Russia is likely expanding recruitment to the Global South to avoid additional mobilization within Russia.

“The previous mobilisation for the war resulted in a record labour shortage and an exodus of skilled workers such as doctors and IT professionals,” says the UK Ministry of Defence.




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