Pro-Hamas, pro-Hezbollah protesters cheer ‘jihad’ at anti-Israel rally in DC

Anti-Israel protesters demonstrate near the White House in Washington, June 8, 2024. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
Published June 8, 2024

Demonstrators near White House protest Gaza war in terror group attire, burn US flags; in London, thousands march against Israel amid chants of ‘From the river to the sea’

Pro-Hamas and pro-Hezbollah demonstrators staged an anti-Israel protest near the White House on Saturday, calling for “jihad” and voicing anger at US President Joe Biden’s management of Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.

Thousands of protesters chanting “From DC to Palestine, we are the red line” held a long banner scribbled with the names of Palestinians killed in the ongoing fighting in Gaza, which was sparked by Hamas’s October 7 massacre in southern Israel.

Reports on social media appeared to show masked demonstrators chanting slogans urging Hamas’s military wing to “kill another soldier now” and calling on Hezbollah to “kill another Zionist now.” Protesters also held signs calling for “Intifada,” a reference to periods of deadly Palestinian terror attacks against Israeli civilians in the late 1980s and early 1990s and again in the early 2000s.

One video posted to X showed a man with a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine headband burning the American flag, while other protesters appeared to be wearing green Hamas headbands.



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Published June 8, 2024

The sun rising on Saturday brought with it welcome news about the hostages who are still being held captive by Hamas terrorists since the attack on Israel on Oct. 7, 2023. As we wrote in several articles, members of Israel’s armed forces and police pulled off a daring raid, rescuing four Israelis from their captors in Gaza.

As my colleague Bonchie wrote, the joyful news wasn’t received that way by pro-Hamas protesters in our nation’s capital, who apparently had a game plan to “surround the White House,” in hopes of swaying President Biden to their hateful position against our ally Israel. They also clashed with police and National Park Service personnel.

Indeed, the protest at the White House was the focus of the radical leftists’ action on Saturday afternoon, but it wasn’t the only place where protests were organized nationwide, according to this X post, which includes a flyer:

One of the major U.S. cities on the list is Los Angeles, and — like clockwork — protesters mobbed the streets of its downtown. This post claims that “thousands of people” have joined student activists at L.A.’s city hall. Notice again the mention of being “the red line,” just like on the flyer:



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Published June 8, 2024

Thousands of pro-Hamas supporters invaded DC and surrounded the White House today. These terrorist supporters set off smoke bombs, committed acts of wanton vandalism, and subjected the public to overall mayhem and chaos. Some of the signs were outrageous, including a “F*gs for Hamas” poster.  That really does say it all, doesn’t it, concerning the Left’s illogical and immoral attachment to radical Islamic terrorism?

Others were much more violent, “We got the Guillotine you better run!” Another pro-Hamas activist is captured holding up a bloody mask of Joe Biden. Is that supposed to be a mock beheading? Or it could be that the president has the fake blood of the genocide that’s not happening in Gaza all over him. These people are insane.




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