PROOF China Covered Up Coronavirus | Thai-China Meme War

Image: CNN Anchor Admits On Air Trump Is Right On COVID19 And WHO

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Video: China Uncensored

New revelations the Chinese Communist Party at the highest level, including Xi Jinping, new about the coronavirus well before they warned the public. And they knew human to human transmission was highly likely, even as they told the World Health Organization the opposite. Meanwhile, a meme war between Thailand and China goes all out, as the Virgin Wumao and Chad Thai go toe to toe. Meanwhile, Wisconsin State Senator Roger Roth gets an unusual request from the Chinese consulate. That and more on his week’s China news headlines!


Dr. Fauci’s Agency To Get BILLIONS From Bill Gates COVID19 Vaccine Scam

Data we ought to know and don’t know about the Chinese virus #coronavirus

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In COVID-19 Era, South Korea Remains America’s Steadfast Ally Of Democracy

COVID-19 is a harsh teacher. Let’s learn from it.



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