Reality of life with ISIS gives “wannabe jihadis” buyer’s remorse

The UK’s Sun newspaper recently published an unintentionally funny story about wannabe jihadis who left their infidel Western nations to become soldiers of Allah only to realize that pursuing martyrdom in a shite-hole country ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Among those interviewed were a heavily-pregnant and very-pissed off jihadi bride from Germany, now living in a Syrian camp who claims that her Serbian husband tricked her into joining ISIS.

Then there’s Abu Wael al-Swisary, who actually defended the actions of the infamous ISIS executioner known as Jihadi John, who now says he’s horrified by the reality of life under ISIS.

A common thread emerges amongst these wannabe jihadis. First, their Mideast rape-and-pillage vacations proved to be awful from the get-go, and second, these whining fanatics said they’d rather die than spend another day in a Syrian jail.

I almost feel sorry for these losers and wish their respective nations would dispatch special envoys to repatriate these tortured souls so they can begin their poetry classes.

Nahhh…what am I saying? Let ‘em rot.



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