Remember end of snow? Never mind!

Image: Why climate change could mean the end of snow

Snow Los Angeles, Record Snow Las Vegas & Flagstaff Arizona, Floods Brazil

Snow over the last day in Los Angeles, the last time snow was seen 1962, with new cold record in Santa Barbara. Flagstaff, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada break their all time snow fall records. Sao Paula, Brazil atmospheric compression event and biblical floods blast through the city. More signs the Grand Solar Minimum is intensifying. Video: Adapt 2030 


Blizzard Warning for Southwest Kansas

Flagstaff – Almost 3 ft of snow in 24 hrs sets new record

Record February snowfall in Mankato, MN

Snowiest February on record in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Huge winter storm targets 39 states

Temperatures in the west running 10-20 degrees below average


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