Revealed: Hillary Withheld and Deleted Nearly 1,000 Emails With David Petraeus

In the wake of yet another intentional and (allegedly) politically-timed Friday document dump from the FBI about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, go back and read Matt’s weekend post for a partial summary of the latest piece of new information the public has gleaned. This round was less revelatory than the early September tranche of investigatory notes, but it still contained some important developments. In a nutshell, (1) the feds offered top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills a controversial immunity deal, which has drawn criticism in light of Mills’ sketchy record of “misplacing” important evidence and obstructing ongoing probes. (2) President Obama — who has publicly claimed ignorance about his Secretary of State’s improper emails scheme — used a pseudonym under which he swapped messages with Clinton, including one exchange about which a shocked Clinton confidante Huma Abedin gasped, “how is that not classified?” when the FBI shared it with her. Obama’s team was informed when Hillary “changed her primary email,” suggesting that the White House was aware of her server. (3) And then there’s this:

During Hillary’s time at State, Petraeus led US Central Command, then was director of the CIA — so obviously most of the emails between himself and America’s top diplomat would entail formal government business.  The FBI discovered that Hillary’s lawyers had unilaterally deleted roughly 1,000 of those messages, most of which were recovered through other means (this does not include any official emails Team Clinton managed to permanently destroy).  Mrs. Clinton insisted repeatedly that she had turned over every single email “that could possibly be work-related,” going so far as to over-share emails that were later deemed to be personal in nature.  This was false.  In reality, she and her attorneys withheld thousands of work-related emails, including these correspondences with Petraeus.  Clinton didn’t simply feed that line to the public.  She made the same assertion to Congress under oath, and signed a statement to a federal judge attesting, under penalty of perjury, that all official emails had been surrendered:

We learned earlier in the month that at least one outsider did penetrate the Clintons’ email system. The former Secretary of Defense and the former acting CIA director both agree with FBI Director James Comey that it’s very likely hostile foreign intelligence agencies gained access to Mrs. Clinton’s emails, including thousands of classified messages — some of which remain extremely secret to this day. Here’s a former NSA official stating that the verdict within the US intelligence community is unanimous .. Read more at Townhall 



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