Ron DeSantis ‘Builds the Wall’ with Toddler Daughter in Cute ‘MAGA Dad’ Ad

On Monday, Rep. Ron DeSantis’ (R-FL) gubernatorial campaign released a television spot narrated by Casey DeSantis, his wife, that featured Ron DeSantis’ parenting skills with the couple’s two children and highlighted the candidate’s commitment to President Donald Trump.

“Everyone knows my husband Ron DeSantis is endorsed by President Trump,” Casey DeSantis says at the beginning of the commercial. “But he’s also an amazing dad. Ron loves playing with the kids.”

Included is the Florida congressman encouraging his daughter to “build the wall” out of blocks and to say Trump’s signature slogan “Make America Great Again.” It then shows DeSantis reading Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” to his son, who is also shown wearing a “Make America Great Again” shirt.


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