Russia Blindsides China; Establishes Alternative Supply Route To Acquire Its Military Drones – US Report

Published December 13, 2023

As Chinese restrictions on the export of drones and their components caused supply chain disruptions and shortages in Russia, the Kremlin is establishing an alternative supply route to procure military drones to circumvent the ban.

An analysis by an American think tank concluded that the Kremlin is discrediting China by continuing “to import components, military equipment, and dual-purpose goods” under international sanctions. It is most likely that Moscow uses military intelligence channels to ensure the purchase of scarce goods and components.

The war between Ukraine and Russia has truly emerged as a war of drones. This meant a growing reliance of both warring parties on China to get their uncrewed platforms. While Iran and Turkey produce large, military-grade drones used by Russia and Ukraine, the cheap consumer drones that have become ubiquitous on the front line largely come from China.



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‘We need to engage with China,’ Czech representative to the alliance says

Jakub Landovsky, the permanent Czech representative to NATO, said we should send China a signal that rules must be observed. (Photo by Shigeru Seno)
Published December 12, 2023

TOKYO- A NATO official visiting Japan has called for intervention in China’s moves to support Russia.

“We should… work on preventing China from supporting Russia more on the field. It’s very important,” said Jakub Landovsky, the permanent Czech representative to NATO. He also called China’s maritime ambitions a “challenge to the international order.”



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Russia and China’s anti-US alliance of convenience threatens to become something much more worrying. The US is unready to meet the threat.

Published December 11, 2023

Many have warned of a developing China-Russia axis following the countries’ announcement of a “no-limits” partnership last year, just as Vladimir Putin was poised to launch an all-out war on Ukraine.

Some, including Putin, have denied any intention of creating a military alliance, even as the two countries announce closer military ties.

It would be brave, bordering on foolish, to accept his word. The world is a more dangerous place now than it was last year, and it was more dangerous last year than in 2021.

The ongoing war in Ukraine, combined with a deepening conflict in the Middle East, with possible severe consequences for the flow of world trade through Yemen’s Bab el-Mandeb strait, are serious enough. If there were to be an attack (or even a blockade) against Taiwan, the US would face the prospect of a crisis on three fronts, with China, Russia, and Iran, driving developments. 




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