Russia hearing: Kremlin says US intelligence committee is ‘confused’

FBI Director James Comey (L) and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers. Washington, U.S., March 20, 2017. © Reuters
Participants of the US Congress public hearing on Russia’s alleged interference in the US 2016 elections have gotten lost in details of the matter as they struggle to find proof of their own assumptions, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

“The hearing participants are apparently confused about the situation. They are trying to find confirmation of their own assumptions somewhere but are failing to do that, to find any proof … and just go around every time,” Peskov told reporters.

He also said that the hearing itself could hardly contribute to the improvement of bilateral relations between the US and Russia. “It is clear that [this hearing] could hardly be regarded as a constructive contribution to the issue of development of bilateral relations,” he said.

The Russian president’s spokesman also refused to comment on the issue of how the Kremlin assessed Trump’s prospects of winning the elections by saying that he “does not regard it as a reason to give comments.”

Speaking about the US speculation over Trump’s alleged ties to the Kremlin, Peskov said that “it is more of a sort of such permanent internal discussion in the US,” adding that Moscow “would like to stay away from such futile discussions.”

He then said that Moscow “already got tired of commenting on the same things for so long and does not see it as a necessary thing anymore.”

Earlier, Peskov also called the hearing “an internal affair of the US,” adding at the same time that Moscow is “generally well aware of this hysteria and has nothing to add on that matter.”

On Monday, FBI Director James Comey confirmed during the hearing that his agency is still investigating possible Russian interference in the US elections but refused to reveal any details of the issue citing an “open ongoing investigation” which is “classified.”

On Sunday, the House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes told Fox News ahead of the hearing that “no evidence of collusion” between the US President Donald Trump’s team and Russia has been found so far.



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