Russian, Belarusian & Serbian troops crush ‘terrorists’ in joint drills

Troops from Russia, Belarus and Serbia have eliminated ‘terrorists’ and carried out airdrops during joint drills in Belarus. The forces trained together at a real strategic site for the very first time.

The active phase of the international 2017 Slavic Brotherhood tactical anti-terrorism exercises began outside the Belarusian city of Brest on Monday.

The first stage of the active phase included the deployment of a multinational battalion tactical group formed of Russian, Belarusian and Serbian troops.

“This morning the first stage of the active drills phase has begun – preparing the battalion tactical group formed of Russian, Belarusian and Serbian troops to perform anti-terrorist tasks and a march towards the designated area with crossing water bodies and airborne deployment,” Russian Colonel Aleksey Sbignev told reporters.

Some 10 tactical exercises, which also included airborne deployment, were carried out during the first day of the active phase, the commander added.

A number of tasks have been performed for the very first time during the yearly joint drills of the three countries, according to Deputy Commander of the Russian Airborne Troops Lieutenant General Nikolay Ignatov, who is attending the drills as an observer.

The international battalion tactical group, also formed for the very first time, has been training at a real strategic site – a hydro technical installation which was ‘captured’ and prepared to be destroyed by mock terrorists, according to details of the drills.

A group of 22 military observers is attending the drills at the invitation of Belarus, including specialists from China, Vietnam, Russia, Syria and the UK. The observers watched “small terrorist groups infiltrate the city,” as well as an operation to liberate the hydro technical installation, according to Belarusian Colonel Viktor Gulevich.

Among the practiced tactics at the war games is also securing territory from insurgents, as well as the evacuation of wounded personnel, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry. Tuesday exercises of the joint tactical group include a search for a terrorist base camp and fending off infiltration into a city.

The drills began on June 6, and until June 11 the troops honed cooperation within the international tactical battalion group created for counter-terrorism activities.

The international Russian, Belarusian and Serbian tactical group is commanded by Belarusian Major General Vadim Denisenko. More than 300 Russian paratroopers, alongside 24 armored and over 10 soft units participate in the drills. Paradrops have been performed with Russian military IL-76MD transport planes.

In total, over 1,000 servicemen from the three countries are participating in the drills, with some 150 Russian and Belarusian military vehicles being used. The active phase of the Slavic Brotherhood exercises will conclude on June 14.



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