Sandy Is Sad About Glaciers

Image: John Kerry calls on scientists to lead fight against climate change denial (Fascists never permit open, honest debate because such debate always reveal how flawed and dishonest these very same fascists are. If there’s a climate crisis, put forward the evidence for all to see instead of acting up as if the kick-backs to you and your friends are being threatened).

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(The link above is to Fox News, they got an annoying habit of putting all their videos on auto-play. They obviously think you are unable to press “Play”!)

Video: Tony Heller
Decades of climate brainwashing has left many people incapable of thinking rationally.


Debunked: New Computer Simulated Pine Island Glacier Doomsday Paper By Rosier et al Ignores Lots Of Science

How does trees get to grow beneath glaciers, how did they end up under ice?:

Tree Remains Found Buried Beneath Today’s Glaciers Date To The Warmer-Than-Today Medieval Warm Period

Green New Death : ‘No, To The Whirlwinds, They Kill Our Birds Of Prey’

Turning Opinion into Science Fact

Obviously, the (Man Made) Global Warming did this. Sorry, Climate Change did this, or was it Climate Emergency …? (Hard to keep track of the “green” left’s stupidity):

Europe’s Frosty Spring: Germany Sees Coldest April in 40 Years… Frost Frequency Of “Unusual Dimension”

Willis Eschenbach doesn’t allow comments that question the “downwelling” BS in his article at WUWT. Claiming it exist and that it has been measured thousands of times all over the world .. Ref.:

Surface Response to Increased Forcing

I just post my comment here instead.

So, – from what altitude does this magic occur?
Does the atmosphere at a 1000 meter warm up the surface? How much? What is the temperature distribution in this magical parcel of air he is talking about?

Does the temperature fall as you ascend in the atmosphere Mr. Willis is talking about?

What is the temperature of the radiation that is “downwelling”?

Where does the energy that allegedly is “downwelling” originate from?

Whatever they have measured, it’s not “downwelling” new radiation, probably for example ir radiation from air that has been overturned and as it descends the increased pressure also increase the temperature, as we know, temperature potential in the atmosphere is dictated by mass, pressure and gravity, not low IQ “green” nonsense.

In Norway there’s a place called Sunndalsøra, located deep in a fjord, surrounded by mountains on 3 sides. When air from the mountains sweep down the mountain side, the increased pressure makes Sunndalsøra very warm, especially during the cold months of winter.

There’s no reason to believe air doesn’t descends without being kept on track by mountains, after all, hot air do ascend, air that has to be replaced.

Got nothing to do with “downwelling” BS caused by CO2!

R. J. L.


100% Data Tampering