Sara Duterte’s ‘silence’ on China’s hostility in West PH Sea hit

Vice President Sara Duterte is urged to make her position known regarding aggressive actions against the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea. On Tuesday, March 26, 2024, the Akbayan Party criticized Duterte’s “deafening silence” about the matter. Marianne Bermudez/Philippine Daily Inquirer
Published March 25, 2024

MANILA, Philippines—What is Vice President Sara Duterte’s stance on China’s aggressive actions against the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea?

A “deafening silence,” according to Akbayan Party head Rafaela David, as she challenged the country’s No. 2 leader to speak up and make her position known amid the persistent hostility of China in the disputed waters.

In a statement, David said Duterte should “show some courage” and “defend” the country’s sovereignty instead of using her voice to defend Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder and alleged rapist Apollo Quiboloy.

“The Filipino people need real leaders, not traitors. The deafening silence of Vice President Duterte speaks volumes about her priorities,” the Akbayan Party president said Tuesday.

“While she rushes to the defense of the morally questionable, she turns a blind eye to the plight of Filipinos facing aggression in our own waters. It’s time for VP Sara to show some courage and defend our sovereignty rather than seeking refuge in a traitorous silence that betrays the trust of the Filipino people,” she added.



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Published March 25, 2024
MANILA, March 25 (Reuters) – China warned the Philippines on Monday to behave cautiously and seek dialogue, saying their relations were at a “crossroads” as new confrontations between their coastguards over maritime claims deepened tensions.
It was the second such warning, opens new tab by the Chinese foreign ministry in three months as the two countries openly sparred over territorial claims in the Spratly Islands, a mostly uninhabited archipelago in the South China Sea.
The message was delivered by Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong during a phone call with Philippine counterpart Theresa Lazaro amid worsening friction over altercations at the Second Thomas Shoal in the South China Sea.
In the call, Lazaro relayed Manila’s “strongest protest against the aggressive actions” by the China Coast Guard and maritime militia against a Philippines’ resupply mission in the South China Sea, her ministry said in a statement.



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