Senate’s border bill faces unexpected problem: Democrats

Rep. Nanette Barragán, head of the Hispanic Caucus holds a 2023 press conference. Democratic critics, many of them representing the Hispanic Caucus and the Progressive Caucus, are bashing the current deal linking Ukraine aid with tougher border security for going too far to prevent would-be migrants from pursuing legal avenues of entry into the U.S.
Published February 1, 2024

President Biden and Senate Democrats are facing an unlikely source of resistance as they race to secure a hard-fought deal linking Ukraine aid with tougher border security: their Democratic allies in the House.

Until now, it appeared that the greatest threat to the emerging national security package would be House Republicans, who are vowing to quash the legislation in no uncertain terms.

But if conservatives are lining up against the legislation for being too soft on would-be migrants, liberal Democrats are bashing it for being too hard on the same group.

The Democratic critics — many of them representing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), the Progressive Caucus, or both — are up in arms that they’ve been cut out of the Senate negotiations and furious that the emerging legislation appears to exclude key Democratic priorities. That list includes protections for asylum-seekers and a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already in the country, particularly a group of young people known as Dreamers.

A large and growing chorus of these Democrats are already warning that they’ll oppose the legislation if it does somehow reach the House floor, creating a potential messaging headache for Biden and other Democratic leaders who are casting advance blame on Republicans for blocking Congress’s best shot in years at a bipartisan border bill.

“Everything that I’ve heard that’s in this bill is going to set immigration reform — real comprehensive immigration reform — back 10 or 15 years,” said Rep. Nanette Barragán (D-Calif.), the head of the Hispanic Caucus.

“If there was something in there like pathways [to citizenship] or Dreamers, that would be a very different conversation,” she continued. “But there was no negotiation. It was really a hostage-taking, and saying, ‘OK, what more do you want?’ And it was mostly concessions on things that there’s evidence is not going to fix the problem.”



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FILE – Concertina wire lines the path as members of Congress tour an area near the Texas-Mexico border, Jan. 3, 2024, in Eagle Pass, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)
Published January 30, 2024

President Joe Biden is backing a bipartisan compromise in the Senate to address the crush of migrants at our southern border.

But former President Donald Trump is lobbying lawmakers to reject the deal.

Meanwhile, Senate negotiators say this is a good bill that’s perhaps getting unfair criticism before the text is even finalized and shared with lawmakers.

“Right now, they’re all functioning off of internet rumors of what’s in the bill,” said Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford, a Republican negotiator. “And many of them are false.”

He and Democratic negotiator, Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, both appeared on Sunday morning news programs to discuss the bill that could go to the Senate floor in a matter of days.

Lankford said they’re nearing a resolution after four months of negotiating.

Lankford said he doesn’t have a vote count but does “feel very positive about it, because even the initial feedback has been good.”



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House Speaker Mike Johnson speaks while standing with Republican members of Congress in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Jan. 3, 2024. (Eric Gay/AP Photo)
Published January 25, 2024

Speaker Mike Johnson sent out an email which captures exactly what was going on in the U.S. Senate on Monday, Jan. 22.

He wrote:

“They want you to believe that the deal they’re offering to the American people is a ‘compromise.’

“[Sen. Chuck] Schumer wants you to sign off on:

“• 150,000 illegal immigrants entering the country uninhibited per month. (That’s nearly the population of my hometown in Louisiana.)

“• Work permits for EVERY illegal alien who’s been released into the country.

“• And they want YOU to pay for their legal fees.

“My answer is NO. Absolutely not.”

As I mentioned on my podcast this week, I am proud of Speaker Johnson’s firm position, but he is going to need a lot of grassroots support to convince Senate Republicans not to go along with this border sell out.

Americans want a clean, simple bill that controls the border and stops illegal immigrants from entering the United States.

Americans strongly favor legal immigration, but they are worried about the enormous flood of illegal immigrants from more than 160 countries—including people on the terrorist watch list and criminals from dangerous cartels.

Closing Brooklyn’s James Madison High School so American students had to learn from home while illegal immigrants stayed in the school became a symbol of misplaced values and destructive Biden administration policies.





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