Senator David Perdue’s Statement on Trump’s Debate Victory

Donald Trump faced off against Hillary Clinton on Monday night at the first of three presidential debates.

It was a hard fought battle, however, Trump clearly came out on top, showing great restraint and poise in the face of countless lies from Clinton, as well as extreme bias from Clinton fanboy Lester Holt, who interrupted Trump and grilled him on useless topics like “birtherism,” while never once asking Hillary about her emails, Clinton Foundation scandal, Benghazi, or her failing health.

Against all odds, Trump was able to deliver his powerful and hopeful America First message and differentiate himself from Hillary, a globalist, hell-bent on bringing in illegals, refugees, and outsourcing jobs.

Trump’s message of America First, where the needs of ALL AMERICANS come before foreign interests, illegals, or refugees, is the CHANGE this country needs.

Trump is representing a new direction for America, while Hillary is the 3rd Obama term, setting our country on a collision course with destiny.

Change is the name of the game, and Senator David Perdue of Georgia understand that.

Here’s his statement on how #TrumpWon the debate and his hopeful message of change below:


Source: Truthfeed 


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