Severe storm rips through Moscow leaving several dead

A heavy storm that hit the Russian capital on Monday has left a number of people dead, the Investigative Committee confirmed. The Moscow mayor said that dozens required medical treatment. The storm uprooted trees and tore the roofs off buildings.

Dozen killed, over 120 injured in Moscow as severe storm causes havoc (PHOTO, VIDEO)

© Yana Burmistrova / Sputnik
Twelve people were killed and at least 125 injured in Moscow and the Moscow Region, including 17 children, as result of Monday’s storm, according to a report by the All-Russian Center of Disaster Medicine. The storm uprooted trees and tore the roofs off buildings.

Earlier, the Moscow Health Department reported that at least 50 people had suffered injuries linked to the storm in Moscow alone. The number of those applying for medical assistance in its aftermath continues to rise, it said.

“There are casualties as a result of the storm, more than 40 people applied for medical attention. My condolences to the relatives and loved ones of those who died,” Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin tweeted earlier.

The mayor added that the authorities were taking the necessary measures to deal with aftermath of the disaster.

© Evgeny Odinokov / Sputnik

Sources in the emergencies services earlier told TASS that one person had been killed by a falling tree in southwest Moscow.

© Evgeny Odinokov / Sputnik

In another incident, a bus stop was torn from the pavement by the strong wind and was blown toward pedestrians, fatally injuring one person.

A tree which collapsed on the tracks disrupted the operations of the Moscow Metro on the Filevskaya Line in northwest Moscow, although operations were swiftly restored.

Moscow’s Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports have cancelled 13 flights and delayed 33 others due to the bad weather.

According to air traffic control, the storm did not require any planes arriving at the airports to switch to a reserve airfield, with all aircraft landing routinely in the capital.

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