SHOCK VIDEO : Hillary Gets Stuck and Needs Help Down a Few Steps

There is something VERY wrong with Hillary Clinton and it’s far beyond “pneumonia.”

A 68-year-old woman is NOT OLD, yet Hillary approaches and manages small steps as if she’s 98-years-old.

At her dismal and low-energy “rally” today she froze at the top of a few steps, realizing she could not make it.

She waited as a man came quickly to help her.

They always seem to be ready to help, notice that?

She then awkwardly hobbled down the last two steps on her own, but she looked as if she’d topple over any moment.

This is not “normal” behavior for a woman who supposedly did SO MUCH YOGA that she emailed about it THOUSANDS of times.

Hillary is very sick and they’re not telling us.

Watch the video:



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