‘Shy but intelligent’: Fish with ‘human teeth’ caught in South Carolina

© South Carolina Department of Natural Resources / Pam Corwi / Facebook
Nature conservationists in the US have freaked out a whole host of people on the internet by posting an image of a bizarre giant fish with “human-like” teeth.

The horrendous looking creature was fished out of a saltwater creek in South Carolina, according to the local government nature agency. While it might look like something that grew out of a nuclear accident, the fish, known as a Sheepshead or convict fish because of its black and white stripes, is all-natural.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources posted an image of the weird sea creature along with a quiz to see if people could figure what type of fish it is. It resulted in a whole lot of raised eyebrows.

“I don’t know but it looks like it stole someone’s dentures,” one person commented.

“That’s cool and creepy,” a second person posted.

“They taste so good. Their fins are very sharp. You have to be very careful when cleaning them. But they are so tasty,”another woman added.

One swimmer told a harrowing experience of when a sheepshead used its giant incisors to chomp through his wetsuit.

“Those suckers bite and ask questions later. I had them bite through my 7mm wetsuit on a decompression stop. Would have rather tangled with a barracuda,” Ben Hannon said.

Ref.: https://www.rt.com/usa/426507-freak-fish-human-teeth/


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