Sidney Powell at ‘Stop the Steal’: Massive voter fraud exists, money traced back to China | NTD

Image: Swiss bank majority-owned by communist China paid Dominion parent company $400 million

Related: Dominion voting machines WERE connected to internet during the election, exchanging data with Frankfurt

Firm Linked To Joe Biden Scrubs Website Of All China Related Business

Video: NTD

Hilton: The establishment wants us to ‘shut up and move on’

Video: Free4eva

Col. Phil Waldron Tells Michigan Lawmakers Truckloads of Ballots for Joe Biden Were Inserted into the 2020 Election

Investigation of 100-Ballot Sample in Arizona Finds 3% of the Ballots Were Deemed Fraudulent in Favor of Joe Biden – Larger Audit Granted

“I Knew What was at Stake From What I Witnessed at the TCF and My Heart Broke” – Michigan GOP Elections Witness and Immigrant SHOCKED by Corruption and Fraud At TCF 

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