Snow Doesn’t Lie – But Climate Scientists Do

Image: Þurftu aðstoð björgunarsveita á heiðinni (Iceland)


Vakna opp til snø i slutten av mai

(Woke up to snow at the end of May)

Det er mai, men fleire vakna opp til eit kvitt snødekke i dag tidleg. – Finn heller på noko anna enn å ta turen over fjellet i dag, seier meteorologen.

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So, soon June – and snow in Norway and on Iceland. (Man Made) Global Warming hypothesis falsified by nature. Cold is not warm, like speeding isn’t the same as driving too slow.

The US just had the wettest winter on record, and another record snow year. In this video I show the massive disconnect between climate scientists and reality in their claims about snow.

Video: Tony Heller



Record River Floods USA Grain Prices Spike as Reality Sets In

All time record floods along the Arkansas River and Mississippi, these records extend back 150 years. Farmers WILL not get the crops in the ground, so they will need to WET PLANT to be able to claim US govt crop insurance. USDA raised non plantable acres from 4 million to 13 million which sent a tidal wave through the futures markets, over 50% of traders reversed their short positions to long, expect huge price shifts in commodities moving forward. Video: Adapt 2030





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