So You Think We Can’t Get Back To Normal?

Image: Finally, Globalists Name the Enemy, “The Unvaxed American Citizen”

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By Tom Woods – Principia Scientific International

Last week I mentioned that the ban on entry into Sweden against people who live in seven countries (among them Israel and the United States) is interfering with a trip I had scheduled to take there.

I received replies from numerous people who live in either Denmark or Sweden, and I wanted to share this with you.

It’s almost unbelievable, but this is what life is like in Sweden right now, as told by someone who’s in the heart of it:

Hi, Tom; greetings from Stockholm, Sweden:

I have been a regular listener to your podcast since about episode 500, so I would consider myself a big supporter of your work.

The entry ban towards US citizens is a huge surprise. The Swedish strategy against covid-19 has so far been very successful, but is thanks not to wisdom but rather to the gigantic incompetence of the Swedish government — the social democratic leaders are so full of woke “value ground work” (Swedish: värdegrundsarbete) that they can’t implement any changes of any kind — and in the case of covid that’s just perfect! The fact that they managed to implement some random travel ban is most likely just due to some random event in the administration.

Personally, I live close to the center of Stockholm (10 km from downtown), which has been the epicenter of epicenters in this pandemic (for a long period of time in 2020 Sweden had the highest numbers in Europe and Stockholm had the highest numbers in Sweden). Yet no one in my family or extended family has had the virus, and no one I know of has even been to the hospital due to the virus.

I can report from my daily trips to my office downtown, via metro or commuter train, that about 0-1 percent of Swedes are wearing masks today, the trains are full of people (almost close to pre-Corona levels), and the streets, shops, restaurants in Stockholm show no — ZERO — sign of some pandemic going on.

Life is 100percent back to normal, as it has almost been the whole time…. I leave my kids (ages 9 and 12) to school every day. The school is packed with happy, unmasked children, and the only difference from pre-covid is that we leave them outside school rather than inside.

It is with great sadness that I see the development in some US cities and states, and countries like Australia, NZ, Canada. I pray to God that your message can help prevent the same development in the US — a country I used to love, have lived in for 18 months (Boston + San Francisco) and have visited about 25 times.

Imagine that. They’re just living.

For the past two months there have been only a handful of COVID deaths in Sweden.

In case you’re wondering: Sweden is number 13 in Europe for percentage of the population fully vaccinated, so if your smart-alec friend wants to claim this is entirely due to vaccination, that’ll be a tough mountain to climb.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world in which every time a politician acted as if it was simply obvious that his proposed restrictions were necessary for “public health,” a reporter demanded that he account for the case of Sweden?


According to VAERS Website: There Were 3,296 COVID Vaccine Deaths in US Since July 24 – Or an Average of 70 Deaths per Day

Full article ..

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