Soros Promises $500 Million For Refugee Businesses – Part Of USA Takeover

George Soros, the globalist who is attempting to almost single-handedly bring down the United States and make us servants to his world government, posted an op-ed at the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

Soros is engaged behind the invasion of America by foreigners though open borders and the refugee program implemented by his corrupt operatives. Chief among his purchased puppets inside the hijacked shell of a government are Hussein Obama, Jeh Johnson and John Kerry.

He understands that in order to eliminate the rule of the white man in the country they built, they will have to be replaced in key areas as well as a broad cross section of business across American society. He can’t continue to simply dump them as a burden upon the American people, he needs to provide them with the mechanisms for obtaining superiority and dominion over us.

Soros blames white America for the problems of the world, saying, “Our collective failure to develop and implement effective policies to handle the increased flow (of refugees he helped create) has contributed greatly to human misery and political instability—both in countries people are fleeing and in the countries that host them, willingly or not. Migrants are often forced into lives of idle despair, while host countries fail to reap the proven benefit that greater integration could bring.”

He said, “Governments must play the leading role in addressing this crisis by creating and sustaining adequate physical and social infrastructure for migrants and refugees. But harnessing the power of the private sector is also critical.”

He lays out the plan of his puppet in the White House, saying, “Recognizing this, the Obama administration recently launched a ‘Call to Action’ asking U.S. companies to play a bigger role in meeting the challenges posed by forced migration.” In other words, Obama and Soros are teaming up to give corporate opportunities to the new imported people, jobs that would otherwise go to Americans.

But he’s not going to wait for a response from corporate America, that would take too long. He wants to empower our foreign masters as quickly as possible. He announced, “In response, I have decided to earmark $500 million for investments that specifically address the needs of migrants, refugees and host communities. I will invest in startups, established companies, social-impact initiatives and businesses founded by migrants and refugees themselves. Although my main concern is to help migrants and refugees arriving in Europe, I will be looking for good investment ideas that will benefit migrants all over the world.”

He continued, “All of the investments we make will be owned by my nonprofit organization. They are intended to be successful—because I want to show how private capital can play a constructive role helping migrants—and any profits will go to fund programs at the Open Society Foundations, including programs that benefit migrants and refugees.

This is seed money to feed his beast, which he hopes will then sustain itself with profits and continue to grow, serving  the interests of a foreign subset of people, providing them with opportunities that are not available to Americans.

He closed, saying, “As longtime champions of civil society, we will be focused on ensuring that our investments lead to products and services that truly benefit migrants and host communities.

We will also work closely with organizations such as the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Rescue Committee to establish principles to guide our investments. Our goal is to harness, for public good, the innovations that only the private sector can provide.

I hope my commitment will inspire other investors to pursue the same mission.

Americans are becoming second class citizens in their own nation. This has to stop, this vile creature needs to be arrested. His role in currency manipulation that target national security, voter fraud or Black Lives Matter sponsored unrest might be good starting points as might kicking this subversive America-hater out of our country.

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