State AG Launching Trump Foundation Probe Is A Clinton Adviser

Another “Exxon knew-gate” .. by – what do you know – a Democrat.

New York State Attorney General Eric Scheiderman has launched a probe of the Donald J. Trump Foundation to ensure its compliance with state regulations governing charities.

Scheiderman is a Democrat who serves on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s leadership council in New York state.

“My interest in this issue really is in my capacity as regulator of non-profits in New York state. And we have been concerned that the Trump Foundation may have engaged in some impropriety from that point of view,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper Tuesday. “We have been looking into the Trump Foundation to make sure it’s complying with the laws governing charities in New York.”

The attorney general was named to the committee in October. The Clinton campaign said the panel would serve, “as the in-state leadership for the campaign, amplifying the campaign’s national voice to New York families aiding the campaign with rapid response, organization building, grassroots organizing events, recruiting volunteer leaders, and identifying leaders for Get Out The Vote activities.” Other appointees to the group include Gov. Andrew Cuomo; members of the New York Democratic congressional delegation including Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand; and assorted dignitaries.

Scheiderman has been much more accommodating of the Clinton Foundation, which his agency also supervises. A recent report found that the Clinton Foundation has not been in compliance with state rules requiring the disclosure of individual foreign donors for over a decade, but Scheiderman has declined to push for their release. His office says it’s confident the Foundation meets all state expectations. (RELATED: Clinton Foundation Skirting State Laws, Dem Attorney General Says ‘No Problem’)

A series of damaging revelations have compromised the integrity of the Trump Foundation in recent days. The Foundation made an illegal donation to the campaign of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi in 2013, as she mulled her own probe of Trump University. The Washington Post’s David Fahrentholdreported the Foundation spent $20,000 on a six-foot oil painting of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Source: Daily Caller


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