Stop Fighting Climate Change. It’s Natural And Unstoppable

Written by Viv Forbes

In today’s crazy world, Western politicians are wasting billions of taxpayer dollars force-feeding costly, unreliable green energy in the bizarre belief that this will somehow change Earth’s climate.

Even more incredible, they fear global warmth and seem hell-bent on creating global cooling. They should study climate history.  It is snow and ice; cold, dry air; and carbon dioxide starvation we need to fear, not a warm, moist, fertile, bountiful atmosphere.

Climate change is natural and unstoppable. Just 20,000 years ago, Earth was in one of its recurring glacial phases. A thick, massive ice sheet smothered Canada, Iceland, Greenland, North Asia, and Europe as far south as London.

Much of the animal and plant life of the previous warm era was extinguished.  Even in warmer lands not covered by the ice sheet, plants suffered as the cold oceans removed moisture and carbon dioxide plant food from the atmosphere.

Then, because of changing cycles in Earth’s orbit and tilt, reinforced by changing solar cycles, the sun warmed the frozen lands. The great ice sheets melted, sea levels rose, and the warming oceans expelled moisture and CO2 plant food into the atmosphere.

Plant life recovered.  Tundra, forests, grasslands, and herbivores advanced toward the pole, and fish became abundant in the shallow seas that flooded coastal plains.  Hunters, herders, farmers, and fishermen followed the food.

Human population increased greatly.  They gave thanks for the warmth and worshiped the sun.

But the peak of the modern warm era is past, and the natural cycles controlling global temperatures are pointing downward. Only an idiot with a death wish for life on Earth would attempt to accelerate our inevitable descent into the next ice age.

Luckily, the costly war on warmth is totally futile, but the war on carbon energy will prove tragically misguided in the cold times ahead.

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100% Data Tampering

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