Stunning Arrest Made In Trump Inauguration Day Riots

CBS 6 reports that Henrico County, Virginia, firefighter Rosa Roncales was part of an anarchist group responsible for smashing windows and starting fires last week during inauguration events.

Roncales was arrested and charged with felony rioting for damaging property in excess of $100,000, according to court documents.

The report claims that the Metropolitan Police Department knew about the planned demonstration by the group, and of their intent to create chaos and disruptions at Trump’s inauguration, beforehand, based on social media postings.

The group had an estimated 300 members who wore black clothing, black masks and carried anarchist flags, hammers, and bats.  What started as a protest quickly turned into a riot with the group committing acts of violence.

Police officers said the riot started around 10 a.m. the morning of the inauguration when members were seen tearing trash cans and newspaper boxes off of sidewalks, then dragging them into the center of the street and lighting them on fire.

The group then proceeded to smash out the windows of a Washington D.C. Fire and Emergency vehicle parked outside of a firehouse.

Reportedly, police officers followed them for about 28 minutes, after which they began smashing out the windows of Starbucks Coffee, Sun-Trust Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank, before setting a limo on fire.

CBS 6 interviewed the human resources department at Henrico County Fire Department, which stated that Roncales is still employed with them but has been reassigned to an administrative position. Furthermore, they plan for her to remain in that position until a decision has been reached by the courts regarding her case.

They added that she will not be able to retain her firefighter role in the event she is convicted of a felony.

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