The Swedish government has announced that a clinic in Stockholm will no longer treat female rape victims and the money will be spent on treating ‘traumatized’ Muslim migrants instead.

After 10 years of helping rape victims, the Stockholm Crisis and Trauma Center “will now only devote itself to patients with war and torture trauma,” reports SVT.

Authorities in Stockholm claim their agreement with the clinic does not cover rape victims and the focus will now be moved to treating migrants with “psychological problems are associated with torture or severe trauma from war,” despite the fact that the majority of migrants pouring into Sweden are not arriving from war-torn countries.

According to Maria Hägerstrand, Unit Manager for Psychiatry in Stockholm County Council, “This is a group that is now expanding with the major migration flows that exist and we want them to be able to help even more in that group in the future.”

The clinic helps around 200 rape victims annually, with around 140 of these being women. All of them will now have to find somewhere else to receive support.

The clinic said it was “very surprised” that authorities announced their intention to cancel the agreement.

“Unfortunately, I do not think everyone will get the care they need,” said Fredrik Garpe.

Birgitta Sevefjord, a member of the Stockholm City Council, said the decision was “completely insane” and that “nobody else in the county council can meet these women’s needs.”

“There is no one who will take care of them, it’s actually a scandal,” she added.

The horrible irony here of course is that a significant percentage of current and future rape victims to use the clinic would have been victims of migrant rapists given that Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe thanks to its open border policy.

Rapes have skyrocketed in Sweden over recent years. Authorities have claimed that this is due to the definition of rape being changed, but the spike occurred long after the change was made.

Sex crimes in the country have doubled since 2012. The most recently available statistics showed that immigrants were 5.5 times more likely to carry out sexual assaults.

Back in January, a group of Afghan migrants live streamed the gang rape of a Swedish woman on Facebook before being interrupted by police.

In February we reported on how a Swedish woman was brutally gang raped and racially abused by a group of men in Gothenburg who also live streamed the assault to Facebook, but police were disinterested when the case was brought to their attention.

Ref.: https://www.infowars.com/swedish-govt-orders-clinic-to-end-treatment-for-rape-victims-in-favor-of-treating-migrants/


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