SYRIAN REFUGEE Tries To Burn Wife To Death With Barbecue Lighter Fluid…He’ll Never Do That Again

A Syrian refugee in Germany who tried to kill his wife by setting her on fire using barbecue lighter fluid ended up dying in the flames.

The 45-year-old stormed a house the town of Ruedesheim, west of Frankfurt, and started dousing his spouse with the flammable liquid on Thursday.
When he tried to burn her alive, the flames engulfed him and the would-be killer died of his injuries.

The woman, 31, was severely burned in the incident which also caused extensive damage to the asylum home where she lives with their three children.
Three more of the 14 residents of the home were injured and one of them is understood to be the couple’s toddler.
According to media reports the would-be killer inhaled a massive blast of flame that burned out his lungs.
She is being treated In specialist burns unit in Mainz and is suffering life threatening injuries, according to a spokesman for Hesse state police.” Read more ..  


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