Syrskyi says Ukrainian forces repelled all attacks in Kupiansk, Bakhmut sectors

Published November 20, 2023

Ukraine’s defense forces continue to hold back the enemy in the Kupiansk and Bakhmut sectors, carrying out assault operations south of Bakhmut.

Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrskyi, the commander of Ukraine’s eastern grouping of troops, said this in a post on Telegram, Ukrinform reports.



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A visualization of the rapidly-changing frequencies of the Himera military radio, which features signal-hopping technology that makes it difficult to jam.
Credit…Brendan Hoffman for The New York Times
Published November 19, 2023

Using electromagnetic waves to flummox and follow smarter weapons has become a critical part of the cat-and-mouse game between Ukraine and Russia. The United States, China and others have taken note.

The drones began crashing on Ukraine’s front lines, with little explanation.

For months, the aerial vehicles supplied by Quantum Systems, a German technology firm, had worked smoothly for Ukraine’s military, swooping through the air to spot enemy tanks and troops in the country’s war against Russia. Then late last year, the machines abruptly started falling from the sky as they returned from missions.

“It was this mystery,” said Sven Kruck, a Quantum executive who received a stern letter from Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense demanding a fix.

Quantum’s engineers soon homed in on the issue: Russians were jamming the wireless signals that connected the drones to the satellites they relied on for navigation, leading the machines to lose their way and plummet to earth. To adjust, Quantum developed artificial intelligence-powered software to act as a kind of secondary pilot and added a manual option so the drones could be landed with an Xbox controller. The company also built a service center to monitor Russia’s electronic attacks.

“All we could do is get information from the operators, try to find out what wasn’t working, test and try again,” Mr. Kruck said.



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FILE – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks with Major-General Tetiana Ostashchenko as he visits a military hospital in the town of Ochakiv, in Ukraine’s in Mykolayiv region, July 27, 2023. (Ukraine’s Presidential Press Service via Reuters)
Published November 19, 2023

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Sunday demanded rapid changes in the operations of Ukraine’s military and announced the dismissal of the commander of the military’s medical forces.

Zelenskyy’s move was announced as he met Defense Minister Rustem Umerov and coincided with debate over the conduct of the 20-month-old war against Russia, with questions over how quickly a counteroffensive in the east and south is proceeding.

“In today’s meeting with Defense Minister Umerov, priorities were set,” Zelenskyy said in his nightly video address. “There is little time left to wait for results. Quick action is needed for forthcoming changes.”

Zelenskyy said he had replaced Major-General Tetiana Ostashchenko as commander of the Armed Forces Medical Forces.

“The task is clear, as has been repeatedly stressed in society, particularly among combat medics, we need a fundamentally new level of medical support for our soldiers,” he said.



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Moscow being forced to rely more heavily on penal recruits and mobilised reservists, Kyiv claims

Published November 20, 2023

Vladimir Putin will set out Russia’s view of the “deeply unstable world situation” in a shock G20 speech this week, the Kremlin has said, as Ukraine claimed growing numbers of Moscow’s troops were deserting the frontline in Donetsk.

Ukraine’s military has been bracing for a “third wave” of Russian assaults on the key city of Avdiivka – but a spokesperson claimed Moscow was being forced to rely increasingly on penal recruits and reservists due to its soldiers refusing to take part in casualty-heavy assaults.

Further south, Kyiv’s forces claimed to have pushed Mr Putin’s forces three to eight kilometres back on the banks of the Dnipro River, in what would mark the first significant advance by Kyiv’s forces months into a grindingly slow counteroffensive.

Ukrainian and Russian forces have been entrenched on opposite sides of the vast waterway in Kherson for more than a year, until Kyiv claimed last week to have finally established multiple footholds on the river’s eastern bank.





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