Taiwan warns Chinese coast guard boats to ‘turn around immediately’ as tensions rise

Despite Taiwan’s adamant protests, China regards the democratically run island as its own territory. In recent years, it has increased its military presence close to Taiwan, invading air defense identification zones practically every day
Published March 16, 2024

Amid simmering tensions across the delicate Taiwan Strait, Taiwan warned off Chinese coast guard ships Saturday that ventured into its restricted waters near frontline islands near China for the second day in a row.

Taiwan’s coast guard reported that four Chinese coast guard vessels had entered the Taiwan-controlled Kinmen islands’ restricted waters on Saturday morning. The Kinmen islands abut the Chinese coast. It claimed that after being asked to leave by Taiwanese authorities, the Chinese boats stayed for just over an hour.


SOURCE: www.firstpost.com

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Published March 16,  2024

TAIPEI, March 16 (Reuters) – Taiwan on Saturday warned off Chinese coast guard ships that entered its restricted waters near frontline islands close to China for a second day in a row, as tensions simmer across the sensitive Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan’s coast guard said four Chinese coast guard boats on Saturday morning entered the restricted waters of Taiwan-controlled Kinmen islands, which hug the Chinese coast. It said the Chinese boats stayed just over an hour after Taiwan authorities asked them to leave.

China claims democratically-governed Taiwan as its own territory, over the island’s strong objections. It has stepped up military activities near Taiwan in recent years, with almost daily incursions into air defence identification zones.

“You have entered our country’s restricted waters. Please turn around immediately,” a Taiwan official said via radio in a broadcast message to their Chinese counterparts, according to footage released on Saturday by Taiwan’s coast guard.


SOURCE: www.reuters.com


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