Taking Action Against Sea Level

Image: Record October Cold To Hit Western U.S. And Europe, Brits Banned From Driving In The Snow, + ‘Halo CME’ Impact Expected TODAY (yesterday)

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When Man Made Global Warming actually doesn’t mean “Global” – and not “Warming”!

(See, that’s why they changed it to climate change, make it sound like plant food is the reason for all weather, hard to believe they are that stupid, but as you can see ..)

Every time there’s a low IQ leftist, i.e. a corrupt criminal in the White House there’s an intensified and hysterical climate crisis – Perhaps the Democrat criminals should stop their rigging and cheating of elections and let decent people be in charge for a while, just to stop the climate emergency, you know the Bull Shit excuse they use to implement more taxes and regulations to enrich themselves and their “friends” (Wall Street, donors and other criminals).

Everybody knows the climate issue is a hoax, if it wasn’t we would all have access to the facts that would prove the problem, MSM would let anybody have a say in completely open comment sections, scientists wouldn’t be smeared and outsed from their work place, people would have been asked in referendums what we should do about the problem, cars, trucks and ships would all be idle.

But you do not se any of that because there’s no problem when it comes to the climate, there’s only one problem, there’s too many greedy, criminal, currupt Marxists (Democrats, socialists, fascists and other filthy shitheads serving their own selfish interests)!!

R. J. L.

Video: Tony Heller
One thousand years ago, King Knut took his subjects to the sea to demonstrate that government does not control sea level. Unfortunately we don’t have leaders that intelligent anymore

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