The Antichrist One World Religion Is Coming, He Will Mix Islam With Christianity And Order All Christians To Follow This False Religion, All Those Who Refuse Will Be Beheaded

Skeptics of the Bible always shed doubt while they demand proof. We reply, there are two millennia worth of proof generated from the skeptic’s own rebellious history. Here, let me explain 8000 words worth of amazing detail loaded with proof. 

In the twenty-first century, barely 70 years since the end of the Second World War, you can witness massive falling away in action, just as predicted by Paul regarding what is happening in the Church.

This is similar to what ancient Israel did. Archeologists provide enough evidence, that when ancient Israel steeped into rebellion, that type of falling away is called Syncretism. It is the same type of rebellion we see today advocated by the very skeptics who demand proof

When God punished Israel by the hand of the most powerful nation, Babylon, it was for syncretizing Yahweh with Asherah, a phenomenon we see today growing rapidly.

From Chrislam rising in the Middle East, to reviving the same Nordic mythology that caused the birth of Nazism in the West, enter our extensive research where you will find evidence history forgot to record.

God eventually punished Israel and exiled the Jews as He promised He will do. We all have seen how Germany was decimated during World War II and today the skeptic wants us to show sympathy.

Yet it was only when Israel repented from such sin, they were able to return later under Cyrus. We have ample archeological evidence to show Israel worshipped Asherah prior to their exile, the same archeologists will tell you that “this situation changes in the Persian period with the return of the exiles.” This is why “[archeology] provides no evidence of cultic practices of any kind from the period between the Babylonian destruction and the return of the exiles under Cyrus, king of Persia, in the late sixth century B.C.E.”

Archeology reveals several examples of such syncretism mixing Yahweh with the pagan god Asherah:

“… in Khirbet el-Kom, in the heart of Judah (near Hebron), a tomb inscription there reads: “Blessed will be Ariyahu to Yahweh and his Asherah.”

Many such inscriptions have surfaced in several locations. In the Sinai, inscriptions were found that mention “Yahweh of Samaria and his Asherah” and “Yahweh of Teman and his Asherah”.

Is that not enough evidence for the rebels and the skeptics?

In other words, Israel was only punished, when they syncretized with other religions, evidence of which abounds, and then they were rescued, but only after they repented, which archeologists admit there is zero evidence of any syncretism afterwards, until they fell into the Hellenistic syncritism recorded in 1 and 2 Maccabees, when a statue of Zeus was placed in the Temple causing great divide and outrage by the Maccabees who led a revolt against Seleucid king Antiochus IV Epiphanes.

This is crucial, since this syncretism mimics what the Antichrist will do as prophecy records. This is why the biblical verses in Daniel regarding Antichrist are intertwined with the prophecies about Antiochus IV Epiphanes where Israel adapted syncretistic theology. Most students pay little attention to the type of falling away that was practiced, Syncretism, which is exactly what we see today, which we will study here in depth the coming divide between wheat and tares. Syncretism is reviving today which the skeptic encourages, and by this, he causes the very judgments that provide all the evidences the rebel demands. So the faster the skeptic moves to fulfill his Judas mission, the faster he will hang himself, which we will tell them to do what they must do and do it, quickly. Judas was a skeptic who refused to believe the bread turns into Christ’s flesh.

Chrislam, for example, is Syncretism between Christianity and Islam. In reality there is no difference between radical Islamism and this European trend of fascism that we see reviving today. We see other types of Syncretism spreading in Europe, the slavic nations, Latin America and all the way to Africa and the Middle East (as we shall examine). These are setting up Christendom for the great falling away prophesied in II Thessalonians II. The problem of the skeptic, is that he is never satisfied with the evidence, because such evidence was the punishment that his skeptic ancestors received. He will still argue that the biblical prophecies were doctored up later on to match the fact.

But the evidence compounds, Israel later on, was exiled after rejecting Christ, which we have ample textual evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls, that reveal this prophesied exodus for it speaks of Israel’s return. Such parchments were carbon-dated to have been etched prior to Christ’s first coming during the second century B.C., and then, way later, after two millennia passed, in 1948, Israel did return as promised and then in 1967, they recaptured Jerusalem, to be ready for the second coming, just as promised in these same Old Testament ancient parchments. It is here were most missed how the falling away was sparked.

This even compounds the evidence to a point of it happening by mere chance to probable impossibility.

No history of any other religion can provide such incredible evidence like this, that God, throughout history, reveals His will and even provided evidence for the faithless skeptic; the very well documented punishment of his own skepticism and rebellion.

But will such monumental evidence suffice for the skeptics who continue to argue?

No. This is why I avoid the ardent skeptic. Even if the whole earth watches Christ come down from the heavens, grabbing a lump of mud and then He fashions a man out of it, while angels descend in such a magnificent display, proclaiming in unison that “Evolution is false, it was God Who created the heavens and the earth,” the skeptic will say ‘while I am now convinced that evolution is false, indeed, man can be made out of earth, I am also convinced that we have been visited by extra terrestrials’. He will still insist that we were originally made by superior aliens who came from outer-space.

With these, you will never win, but God does, by implementing severe punishment, where they still complain that God is cruel when they spend eternity in hell. It is this punishment that is clearly documented and proven from the Bible, history and also archeology.

If Antiochus IV Epiphanes focused on Jerusalem to bring in syncretism, what you will never read anywhere in history, is that this same spot, Jerusalem, was the excuse to spark syncretism, which later infected the Vatican. It was through what we today term as Chrislam which started in 1967, right after the Six Day War, when Israel captured Jerusalem. Then it incrementally changed the Middle East to later spread this infection all the way to the Vatican by Chrislamic believing Arab Patriarchs and Bishops. These were the first syncretists that combined cross with crescent.

What you are about to read and hear, you will never read anywhere. If one thinks this epidemic is exclusively western think again, syncretism pre-dates Europe’s falling away, when the bulk of Arab speaking churches mingled with Islam due to the rise of Antisemitism because Israel captured Jerusalem. Jew hate is what gave birth to Chrislam. This is why God punished the Christians of the Middle East with the plague of ISIS.

From Antiochus to now, Syncretism focuses on Jerusalem and ends in Jerusalem.

I laughed when I read that Chrislam began in Nigeria in the 1980s. This is a myth I will bust. It began days after Israel took Jerusalem in 1967, where the church with all sorts of arts began to syncretize Christianity with Islam. The Middle East, both Muslim and Christian, began to pump syncretism in every school and church, to every facet of society, even where the arts are performed.

From the most famous singers in the Middle East, stemming from Lebanon’s Fairuz, all the way to Egypt where the most famous Egyptian singer, Farid Al-Atrash; popular songs were being pumped out, right after the Six Day War, calling to unite Cross and Crescent, with not a single objection from over a billion Muslims and two billion Christians:

The song transfers to an image of the crucifix on the wall with Farid Al-Atrash, the most prominent singer of that time singing a Chrislamic version of Armageddon:

“tell them where will they [the Jews] hide. There comes a bitter day for them. We have made a unity of brotherhood between Crescent and Crucifix and we [Christian and Muslim] gathered [in this unity] here and to the ends of earth. It [the annihilation of the Jews] will be a destined day that history records its might. The people in unison said Hallelujah and Allahu-Akbar, there is no god but Allah”.

No one in the Middle East does not memorize the Lebanese Christian Syriac Orthodox, Fairuz’s song The Rose of The Minarets from 1967, which was nothing short of Chrislamic poetry advocating a Chrislamic version of Armageddon:

Fairuz with her Christian choir, sang a promise of a cataclysmic day when the world converged on Jerusalem with the horses of terror to cleanse Jerusalem from the Jews through a unity with Islam:

“For thy sake O city of prayer [Jerusalem] I shall pray. For thy sake O most beautiful of dwellings. O rose of the minarets. O Jerusalem. O Jerusalem, the city of prayer, I shall pray. Our eyes travel to three daily. It circumambulates all the holy places. It hugs the ancient temples and wipes sorrow from the mosques. O night of Isra’ [Muhammad’s ascension to heaven]. To thee our eyes travel daily and I am praying. A child is in the manger [Christ] and His mother Mary. Two faces weep. They weep, for the sake of all who were exiled.”

Then the song transfers (4:04) into a more aggressive tone:

“They weep for the children made homeless. For the martyrs who fell at the city gates. Peace was martyred in the land of peace. Justice fell at the entry ways. When Jerusalem fell, love retreated and in the hearts of the world, war settled in.”

Then comes Armageddon (5:21) with the sound of trumpet:

“Vengeance is coming and I am filled with faith. Vengeance is coming and I will visit all who weep. From every path I come with the chariots of terror. I am coming. And like the cataclysmic face of Allah I am coming. Our city’s gate will not be shut. I am going to pray. I will knock on doors. I will open the doors. O Jordan river you will wash my face with holy water. O Jordan river, you will wipe the tracks of the savage [Israel] and their strength will be defeated. The house of God [Temple Mount] is ours. Jerusalem is ours. With our hands we will raise its wonder. With our hands we send peace to Jerusalem. To Jerusalem peace is coming”. (for other versions with English subtitles click here and here)

And if you think this is history, think again. The song is probably the most popular song, even today where its sang from the Muslim nations of Qatar (with no objection to this Chrislamic mix) to even Arab Church choirs, all the way as far as the U.S. amongst all Maronite Churches (which embrace Chrislam) to Buddhist China:

They even mix the song with the Aramaic hymnals:

Even Sufism, which is syncretism mixing Islam with Buddhism, here you will see the regular church hymnals, mixing the Christian Aramaic hymnals with Sufism and Islam’s main nasheed Tala’a Al-Badr (The Moon rose upon us):

It is virtually impossible to find a Church in the Middle East void of Chrislam.

If this is not syncretism, I do not know what else is. No one opened the gates during my whole life in Israel. As soon as Israel returned to Jerusalem, it was Syncretism that kicked in the gates of Jerusalem wide open and Christianity became one with Islam.

This kept me completely blind, regardless to having been inquisitive by nature, roaming between Catholic Tirrea Santa school in Jericho and especially the German Anglican School in Bethlehem. Witnessing to Muslims was completely prohibited and thought to being unnecessary by the Christian clergy. In the very birthplace of Christ, I could not see Christianity, regardless to the hundreds of times I attended church services in all, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches. I was completely brainwashed. It was only until I came to the U.S., that I saw Christians differentiating between Christianity and all other cults. The Middle East Christians practically invented Chrislam, which took off as far as Africa even influencing the Vatican.

It was Chrislamic Arab Patriarchs and Bishops who finally infiltrated the Vatican influencing Nostra Aetate, which recognized Islam. And there is ample proof from the very writ by former Pope Benedict XVI who finally confessed that such unprecedented recognition of Islam stemmed from “bishops of the Arab countries” after these objected the recognition by Vatican of the Holocaust:

“ … to deepen and renew Christian awareness of this [The Holocaust] … the Arab countries—the bishops of the Arab countries—were unhappy about this: they feared somewhat a glorification of the State of Israel, which naturally they did not want. They said: fine, a truly theological statement about the Jewish people is good, it is necessary, but if you speak about that, speak of Islam too; only then will there be a balance …”— Pope Benedict on Nostra aetate, Tuesday, 19 March 2013.

Benedict then confesses a grave sin:

“In the process of active reception, a weakness of this otherwise extraordinary text has gradually emerged: it speaks of religion solely in a positive way and it disregards the sick and distorted forms of religion which, from the historical and theological viewpoints, are of far-reaching importance; for this reason the Christian faith, from the outset, adopted a critical stance towards religion, both internally and externally.”

It is from Jerusalem that the spark of the falling away began, where Chrislamic ideas spread throughout much of the world as a method for Muslims to lure Christians by spreading an essential Islamic concept, saying that Christianity and Islam are compatible, that one can be a Christian and a Muslim at the same time. And since Muslims consider Islam as the true essence of the Jewish and the Christian religions, the true Christians in their view are the Arian unitarians so by that Antichrist enforces his doctrine to “deny Father and Son” (1 John 2:22).


Iraq, Karbala: Christian Bishop in Ashura Rally Observance. This is one of the many faces of Chrislam


Conducted by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Christians participate in Ashura.

Like the West, it is a mix of Christianity, plus other pagan religions, plus antisemitism. The Middle East Christians have already been divided between viewing Islam as a legitimate religion from God, while adapting Islam’s antisemitism. From Jerusalem patriarchate, Fouad Twal justifying terrorism to Lebanon’s top Arab Catholic leader, Maronite Syrian Catholic Church, Bechara Boutros al-Rai (Al-Rai literally means The Shepherd), almost all are syncretist antisemites.

According to al-Rai’, the problem is that, “Jerusalem should not become Jewish because this is a great offense against Christianity, Islam and even towards the Jewish religion.” To support this cause, Al-Rai’ even sends his representative to the Iranian Embassy in Lebanon to celebrate the notorious anti-Israel event, “Day of Jerusalem.” Al-Rai’ has completely sold out:

“There are those who want to patronize in Islam and Christianity a clash of civilization and are working to raise this conflict, but we are in Lebanon. We took the challenge that Islam and Christianity are living together and are one and are the wealth of mankind, and this is our goal, which we are working towards. We as Christians in Lebanon, our mission and our responsibility is to tell the Western world that Islam is the great wealth and value.”

The lazy looking son of Herod is Ret. Jerusalem patriarch Fouad Twal (awaiting replacement) sitting in Bethlehem

The antisemite most evil clergyman, Lebanon’s Bechara Boutros al-Rai

Lebanon’s Al-Rai says that the “core issue” of Middle East problems stem from Israel, “We are a nation looking for love and peace that we lost at home following the Arab-Israeli conflict”. The Catholic clergy spelled out their position in a statement of the “Commission for Justice and Peace” of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries, a panel of archbishops and other senior clerics of the various Catholic rites in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and all the way to Cyprus with one exception, Father Gabriel Nadaf. This is the single Noah who simply refuses to blend in, insisting he is right and that the whole world will drown in punishment. It caused him much slander a grief.

Father Gabriel Nadaf

One of the missing parts in Protestant Bibles is the rest of Esther, which was not in the Hebrew, but is found in the septuagint Greek edition which Christ used. Jerome comments on a dream in Ester chapter 10, by Mordecai as “prophetical and extraordinary”. It speaks of this dream where “The nations that were assembled are they that endeavoured to destroy the name of the Jews.” This seems to imply, that this prophecy is for the ends of days: “the day appointed already from that time before God to all nations” where “I will yet make doctrine to shine as the morning, and will send forth her light afar off. I will yet pour out doctrine as prophecy, and leave it to all ages for ever.” Correct doctrine will finally shine, but it all starts after the nations expedition is launched “to destroy the name of the Jews”. God will make a separation “two lots” one for “the people of God, and the other of all the nations.”

This is also mentioned by The Lady of Wisdom in Ecclesiasticus 24:32-34.

So you see the Christian Middle East and you might thank God the West is not falling for Chrislam. But think again, the West is not as bright either. The Great Falling Way is coming and it has much to do with wanting to “destroy the name of the Jews”. How evil gets there, the lure has to be captivating. Today in the West, the mouse trap is caused by the tug between advancing multi-culturalism (which conservatives hate) versus ethnocentrism (which liberals hate). This is the other spark that will usher in the “great falling away” mentioned in II Thessalonians II. Today this is engulfing the West which ought to know better, that Christianity encompasses all races, yet evil must divide “Jew” from “Gentile”.

ITALY, Ethnocentric Neo fascists with Nazi salute in front of the San Cassiano Cemetery in Predappio.

Ethnocentrism perceives the eradication of traditional culture and the loss of a distinctive ethnic identity. But for some, instead of adhering to Christian doctrine, they accuse Christianity of the brutal destruction of the legacy of the “Great Ancestors,” while at the same time, Christianity is treated as an evil ideology created by Jews in order to establish their own dominance of the world and the subjugation of all peoples. Whether European or Slavic, its rooted in Nazi-style rhetoric full of latent or open antisemitism and is rapidly growing throughout Europe and slavic nations, even in Orthodox Russia and the good old USA.

While in Russia, nationalism is becoming a distinct political force, Russian nationalists (anti-immigrant) growing from 2006 from only 14% to 28% in 2010 and in 2013 40% of the population support the idea.

While in Russia, we see the conservative and immensely powerful Russian Orthodox Church, a resurgent czarist-era paramilitary Cossacks, and right-wing parties, which represent the largest players in the field of official, Kremlin-sanctioned nationalism, but we also have the All-Russian civic patriotic movement “Russian National Unity” which is a neo-nazi political party and paramilitary operating within Russian-speaking populations selling ultra-nationalism and advocating the expulsion of non-Russians.

While the anti-Muslim immigration crowd would read this and praise Russia’s anti-immigration policy, “Russia for Russians” calls for the expulsion of minorities that “have their homeland outside Russia” especially Jews and migrants from the South Caucasus, Georgian and Armenian Christians, while the Turkic Muslims are considered “compatriots” are to be entitled to live in Russia. There is virtually no criticism of Islam coming out of the Russian government.

This phenomenon is not only in Russia, but is growing rapidly in the U.S., especially France and Greece are plagued with major antisemitic issues. Such movements are not the typical neopagan cults one sees in the U.S, these have a clearly political dimension concerned with native and national identity and in Eastern Europe magical practices are de-emphasized while arguing that Christianity is essentially an imposed foreign religion while focusing on cultural colonialism.

Thousands giving the Nazi salute in Russia

Syncretism is also another major issue in these nations like we see in Chrislam. It is indeed a global phenomenon. It is the revitalization or rediscovery of indigenous religious traditions. In Europe, this manifests as the revitalization of pre-Christian traditions which both challenge the long history of western culture and Christianity and propose solutions rooted in ancestral worldview.

Today we have Heathenry, also termed Heathenism or Germanic Neopaganism, is a modern Pagan religion that surrounds the issue of race white supremacy favoring Odinism or Wotanism. This is not the pre-Christian paganism of ignorance, but worse, for it represents a complete falling away and therefore has no excuse.

And it all comes with syncretism where science, education and higher criticism aids to further the rebellion. In Eastern and Southern Europe; Belarus, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Ukraine and Russia there is a revival of the earliest cultures that are known to have used the Indo-European Swastika. This was the Vinca Culture of the Indo European nations in this case the Slavs and Vedic culture of Indo-Aryans, which attached great importance to the Swastika, known in Slavic world as ‘Kolovrat‘ (two swastikas) which was a sacred symbol that carried a huge significance representing the pagan symbol of the Sun (Horos) which connects people with Slavic blood all over the World. Wooden Slavic monuments called “Idols” were usually depictions of Slavic gods and on most of these Idols Slavs used to engrave them with Swastika.


In this demonstration alongside carrying the image of Jesus a thousand nationalist marched for what they called “Russian May Day” in northwestern Moscow on May 1 carrying flags of the Kolovrat (two swastikas). Young and old, men and women shouted, “Russia is for Russians,” “Glory to the Russians,” and angrier slogans, such as “get out, black dirt” – a reference to migrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus.

64I4espSAE0 Aggressive neo paganism of modern Russia and its threats

In Slavic mythology, Hors is the Slavic sun god. Most experts do not consider this deity Slavic (Dragoslav Srejovic, Louis Léger) while Spasoje Vasiljev thinks Horz comes from the Iranian word kursid (Khorsheed) and Hebrew cheres meaning “the Sun”. It all stems from the Egyptian Horus and Persian Khores with similar characteristics as Horz as a god of the Sun and like Svarozic is just another form of the Sun represented as the light of the Moon followed by the rising of the Sun.

In the Quran, Allah swears by both, “the sun” and “the moon”: “By the sun and its brightness, and [by] the moon when it follows it.” (Q: 91). This is all the same as Thor, the sun god in Norse mythology was also the Egyptian Osiris and Kneph, the Phœnician Bel or Baal. It all connects:

“The beliefs of the Hindus, Persians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Celts have all yielded striking comparisons [to each other], and the Norse Gods display significant resemblances to members of other pantheons” (A History of the Vikings, Oxford University Press, P.p, 319)

It all stems from Egyptian idols. This is why in Isaiah 19 regarding the Second coming it states: “the idols of Egypt will totter before Him” while in Matthew 24:29  “Immediately after the distress of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light …” could have a double meaning of the sun and the mood gods comprising both eastern and western threats to His Church.

Focusing on Slavic culture and folklore and the worship of Slavic deities carrying the Kolovrat (two swastikas) an early Slavic symbol of the Sun curved outer three or four arms forming a broken circle has become common symbols similar to other religious symbols and is vastly spreading across Europe all the way into Russia mixing paganism with Christianity.

They call it “Slavianstvo”, which in English is “Slavism”. These use the works of Julius Evola (1898–1974) where Myth, Culture and Tradition represent the primary mouthpiece of this movement including the Alt-Right in the U.S. where Breitbart News, Milo Yiannopoulos cites Evola as godfather of their movement (Evolian Traditionalism).

While such movements call for anti-Muslim immigration, one should ask, how is combating Islam by introducing Celticism in the United Kingdom is a viable option? Today even in the UK, Celticism has been mobilized for everything from devolution of political power in the United Kingdom to separatism in the American South and northern Italy to anti-immigration activism.

Is it no wonder why Revelation proclaimed:

“the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. (Revelation 9:20-21)

Idol worship is returning exactly as scriptures foretold. How can the skeptic who is pushing such worship argue, he is after all fulfilling prophecy?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And it all stems from the Greco-Egyptian Paganism Horus, originally a sky god (hence the falcon’s head) became one of the most important of Egyptian gods. Over time Horus absorbed the characteristics of many other deities. As Diodorus Siclus, who spent four decades studying history examining the origins of the Greek gods concluded they all came from Egypt and even Egypt’s religion stems from Cush. This is Nimrod’s territory. This is why Antichrist is called Nimrod in Micah 5.

This heathenism and syncretism sparked in the later 1990s, based on inspiration from the English-speaking world particularly the U.S. It was from the U.S., that this was pumped out (including all the Eugenics) catapulted into Germany and is now being repackaged and resold allover again. Throughout Northern Europe and even Russia movements are rapidly growing mixing Christianity with neo-Nazism and heathenism turning back the clock to pre-Christ belief systems.

The scholarly revival of interest in ancient Germanic traditions, which arose as early as the 16th century culminating in the “Viking revival” of 19th and 20th centuries, prior to World War I, which had mostly disappeared after God judged Germany, is all now but reviving again. What took World War II to end, is now back in the scene, originating from North America and Iceland in the early 1970s and is now growing in Europe where Christianity is treated as an evil ideology created by Jews in order to establish their own dominance of the world and the subjugation of all peoples.

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And most of it is being repackaged under ‘conservativism’ where we find Slavic neopaganism glorifying the “warrior culture,” afirming traditional gender roles, openly espouse ethnocentrism and critiques contemporary civilizational norms while roughly paralleling the ways in which Islam and Hinduism in India are employed for political projects in the twenty first century.

Even in Orthodox Russia, while its heavily resisted, the plague grows with similarities to the Nazi occult, where the attempt is to blend neo-paganism with Russian Orthodox Christianity as a political religion. This constitutes a danger regardless that the Moscow Patriarchy tend to condemn this ex cathedra.

It all started brewing in the early nineties when it was marginal in small circles in the biggest cities until massive publications of Aleksandr Asov’s “Book of Veles” derived from the ninth century before the introduction of Christianity. Now Syncretism, just as ancient Israel did, mixing Christianity with paganism is spreading to a wider public to nationalist organizations and large groups.  “The idols of Egypt will totter before Him [the Messiah]” (Isaiah 19) is perhaps why the Egyptian Ra, the ancient Egyptian god of the sun has spread in Russia and is claimed as the Russian Sun-god.

img 548afc30e5c83 e1418394696181 Aggressive neo paganism of modern Russia and its threats

Russian Orthodox monk raising his arm in Nazi salute at the nationalist demonstration

The signs that Russian powers had been building an aggressive ethnic-oriented pseudo religion is taking old Slavic pagan traditions in Russia by building copies of old pagan monuments of wood and stone and then gather for some rituals.

The divide and the war between Orthodox and the syncretistic faith is already beginning in Russia.

The introduction of contemporary Slavic Paganism, Rodnoverie, contained strong nationalistic tendencies in reaction to globalization in slavic seeking nations is not done by calling it “pagan” or “neopagan”. The propagandists call it Vedism which to them reveals the importance of the connection to Eastern tradition derived from the Russian verb vedat’ (to know) while some claim to be Pravoslavs (Orthodox Christian) linking to the nationalist movement. The better term seems to be Rodnoverie, which also suites to academic discussions better than Vedism and Pravoslavie, both of which have their established meanings that have nothing to do with the revived pre-Christian Slavic spirituality. It was sold as a “spiritual exploration” of the Russian folklore with the goal to create urban invisible movement that is political ultra-nationalistic, racist and anti-Semitic and is why the movement has got the extra attention.

paganism vs christianity in Russia 1

Is it any wonder why scriptures addresses Christ’s coming to destroy idols of gold, silver, wood and stone? Even wood can be seen here erected as idols

And with increased skepticism and the growth of atheism, many are ready to convert to the religion of their ancestors. Today many Slavs are resurrecting the ancient rituals and popularization of the religion of their ancestors. This is exploding amongst youths in Ukraine. Rodnovery today are neo-pagans that worship ancient Slavic deities. The use of amulets of gold and silver, statues of deities made of wood, traditional clothes and musical instruments is building up a fortune for businessmen.

It all started when in the early 1990s, disciples and leaders arose announcing “rodnovercheskih” communities, led by sorcerer Doctor of Philosophy and Ph.D. AN Nagovicyn. Other sorcerers like psychologist, GP Yakutovsky, AK Belov, KV Begtin (a candidate of physical and Mathematical Sciences), NN Speranski (scientist/geophysics), AV board, chemist, poet and publicist DA Gavrilov, Hasanov DA and others. Holding authority in these circles is also AA Dobrovolsky a national journalist and VN Bezverkhy who founded the secret “Society of the Magi” back in 1986 in Leningrad. The first officially registered neopagan religious association became the Moscow Slavic Pagan Community (MSYAO), registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in 1994 and the first pagan worship took place in Gorky worshiping the god of the sun – Horos.

People should learn a lesson from the pre-Marxist socialist Populists in Russia. These believed that revolution and reform in the Russian empire must come through the peasants against the establishment. Beware when anti-Establishment become popular. This is also in the U.S. But always keep in mind that what is becoming popular today is unpopular tomorrow.

In Russia, the Populists idealized peasants (80% of the people) and thus believed that it was their task to educate the peasants about revolution. This practice became known (just as wee today) as ‘Going to the People’, but peasants responded with suspicion and the populist propagandist was usually arrested by the peasants and given to the police (just as populists were ignored a few years ago).

Populists reacted to this disappointment by turning to violence. They succeeded in assassinating Tsar Alexander II which led to a repressive Tsarist regime causing the Populists to transform into Social Revolutionaries in 1917. In the end it was all gulped up and taken over by the Marxist socialists ending the people to remain in poverty.

So just as you see smaller movements are always gulped up by the bigger ones, tomorrow these populist movements (think of the Alt Right) will all be gulped up by major political parties. In the future, the Alt-Right, neopagans, socialists, openly neo-Nazis, moderate-neo-Nazis (The Alt-Right hiding their true colors)  … all these, like the populists and peasants of old, are “going to the people” and are using the supersonic speed mechanism bombarding “the people” to convert masses through social media websites, memes and chat boards.

Years ago, I would have rarely if ever seen people admire Nazism, but today, like the homosexuals, they are coming out of the closet and are seen commenting everywhere in the open.

These are massively promoting a historically regurgitated agenda all wanting us to argue and understand their weirdities and nuances from a modern setting as if the world hasn’t experienced their disease already. It is all being cellophane-wrapped with evil agendas given fashionable colors which will end the west backwards.

As an alibi, these would attack Islam as a common enemy of us all. But what is the difference between replacing one treachery with another?

And just as it was in post-Tsarist Russia, it will not be progress or moving forward, but going backwards and this time with dire consequences where anti-semitism, violence, murder, lawlessness and gang forming activists will run rampant, while oxymoronic labels are given to political parties that are nothing more than the old fascists breading antisemitism and anti-Christianity. Embrace yourselves for the prophetic verse expressing this oxymoron. Today as we see the right victorious, we say “finally, peace and safety,” but then shortly after “sudden destruction comes”.

Unfortunately, the problem expands to what were once Orthodox nations. Today we have the Golden Dawn in Greece, a nationalist far-right neo-Nazi fascist political party.

As a result of the January 2015 Greek national elections, the party became significant, representing the third largest in Parliament. People are attracted since the party is hard eurosceptic and anti-globalist. Conservatives sympathize with the Golden Dawn’s concerns about unemployment, austerity, the economy, opposing Muslim immigration into the mainly Greek areas of southern Greece and Athens. These promote the idea of a Greater Greece. This, they perceive, will be done through the expansion of Greek territory into southern Muslim Albania (Northern Epirus), the Republic of Macedonia, and southern Bulgaria, and ultimately Greece’s reconquest of Constantinople and western Anatolia through war with Turkey.

While to some, this seems like a holy endeavor, after all, these want to throw out Turkish-speaking Muslim minority of East Macedonia and Thrace that dates to the Ottoman period and to combat Islam in the region contributing fighters to the Greek Volunteer Guard that helped capture Srebrenica. But these are syncretists. Their push is not for Christianity, but for the complete Hellenisation of Greek Macedonia and Western Thrace through the expulsion of Northern Greece‘s last remaining Slavomacedonian-speaking minority (or so-called Slavophone Greeks).

The Golden Dawn banner consists of a Greek meander in a style and color scheme which resembles the Nazi Party banner.

And from Asia, today we see a revival of neo-Buddhism and neo-Hinduism. And if it is in Mexico its neo-Mayan with architecture geared to set the clock back to when Christ came where the world was pagan. In Mexico, La Mexhicanidad is one of the fastest-growing focusing on Mexicanness and Mexican identity, especially as provided from indigenous culture and national heritage.

What we see today is that God has already given up on the masses regardless even if many portray themselves “Christian”. God is no respecter of labels. Today the minions of demons have already possessed the souls of men in Protestant Germany, Catholic Austria, Catholic Croatia, all the way to Catholic Brazil, Catholic Argentina, Catholic Venezuela , Catholic Paraguay and Catholic Mexico.

Where you find a history of harboring runaway Nazis in the same neighborhoods as Holocaust survivors in Argentina and Brazil; God is cursing these places where we find Nazi paraphernalia.

Here, enter Mexico next door to the U.S. In Mexico city one can find a ton of Nazi gear; full SS outfits (with cap), swastika armbands, Deutschland insignia and even vintage Nazis war medals shipped from Europe via “specialty dealers.” The sheer amount of Nazi-themed gear—new, old, even homemade.

Mexico City's La Lagunilla Mercado is full of old Nazi junk

A market vendor peddles Nazi stuff in Mexico City's La Lagunilla Mercado

You can also purchase copies of Hitler’s memoir, Mein Kampf, and the widely discredited anti-Semitic text “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” at various bookstores and kiosks throughout the city. These are often sold alongside popular fashion magazines, as well as abbreviated biographies of Nietzsche.

Swastika imagery is on the rise throughout Latin America. In 2014, Michael Kaminer of the Jewish web publication The Forward, then an ex-pat living in Caracas, Venezuela, came across several instances of swastika-use in public and often bizarre situations, from a run-of-the-mill smattering of Mein Kampfs in local book stores, to a “Hello Kitty Hitler” shirt emblazoned with an anthropomorphic feline Fuhrer, which he saw both in person and in a local fashion magazine. Kaminer posits that the rise of casual anti-Semitism in Venezuela might be tied to Chavez’s anti-Israel policies.

While some think “racism” is the problem, this is only half the truth. Racism is usually accompanied with a cult and the desire to kill. The European concept of “Aryan”—blonde, blue eyed—wouldn’t have absorbed the average Mexican person into its racial narrative.

So why is Nazism and all these cults on the rise even in Mexico? The answer to this question is the usual: “Mexicans love swastikas because of pop culture” “its a reaction to oppressive government” “Nazis are so few there” “Nazis are only the skinheads” “In Mexico, the problem is the cartels stupid”.

These are similar responses we hear in the West: “Nazism and racism is a response to the creeping Islamic Sharia”.

These are all the ad nauseam excuses. Most undermine the seriousness of this problem. The truth of the matter is this: the world has become a cesspool, an adulterous generation of evil ideologies where Christianity is mocked and undermined. This anti-Christian attitude breeds extremes and every extreme claims to be an answer to respond to a valid issue.

The West is looking for answers by avoiding Christianity. To fix a sex epidemic they encourage condoms instead of abstinence. To fix the crime epidemic they buy guns (not that owning guns is wrong) instead of converting hearts. Even the war on Islamic terrorism subsequently transfers all the ills of this world blaming only one group over the others: “its the liberal Jews like Soros,” “its the Muslims,” “its the Muslim immigration …”. I get such comments every day. If this is what you think, you are a fool.

In every problem, what is being sold is myth mixed with conspiracy theories. For example, in the U.S., from 2005-2015 we had 71 people killed as result of Islamic terrorism, while 300,000 were killed by guns from within in that same period. Therefore, Islamic terrorism comprises only 0.0002% of the problem regarding violence in the U.S. And because of this, few are paying close attention to these non-Muslim non-Christian movements that will end up becoming killing cults. Fact is, that fact is the least factor people consider while prejudice is the main driving force in almost all the media we read regardless of it being right or left.

With the Facebook mentality, few examine data and everyone concludes from just reading headlines (as it will be on my own Facebook is this article). Just look at Mexico alone, it is not Islam that is the problem. It is not solely the drugs either. It is Christian cults (mixing Christianity with paganism) plus drugs; the two go hand in hand, where the death toll exceeds quarter of a million victims. This is a huge number. Yet you do not hear this since it does not involve Muslims but involves the American huge drug consumption. The myth that the “white man is getting screwed” is just that: a myth.

So why is the media not covering this genocide in Mexico while it covers the Syrian genocides? Is it the liberal media? Did Muslims annihilate a quarter million Mexicans? Or was it the sin of addiction on part of the U.S.? American drug addictions along with the sin of abandoning Christianity in Mexico by mixing it with paganism is the real problem. So who is ruining Mexico, the Jews? The Muslims? Truth is, it was partially the work of Evangelicals that is ruining Mexico. While in Mexico we find the rise of Santa-Muerte (deviated from Catholicism) they also have the Caballeros Templarios with its theology imported from Colorado’s American Evangelical John Eldredge (Wild at Heart et al.), and the teachings of the original La Familia leadership.. These even use crusader symbols.

We find such pagan phenomenons as far as Estonia, where a whopping seventy eight percent of Estonians do not like religion but do love neo-Paganism, and more specifically, Taaraism and Maausk (literally “Earth belief”) is popular. They especially want those pre-Christian Europe and North American paganism. Taaraism went against the ways of Christianity and focused more upon the belief of nature. According to a study done by the University of Tartu in 2014, 61% of Estonians believed that neo-Paganism was the true religion of Estonia.

When it comes to anti-semitism, God is no respecter of denomination or priestly order. The whole church is about to fallaway as Paul warned in II Thessalonians II and Zechariah was clear: it is about invading Jerusalem.

When this happens it matters not how many priests holler how they have a form of godliness. By then the very central headquarters of the church itself will be completely compromised, and by then, the wise needs to heed Paul instead of Pope or Luther. This will not be an easy task to convince people who follow people.

This will be a time of testing like never before. Christ was so clear about this: “And then shall many be scandalized: and shall betray one another: and shall hate one another.” (Matthew 24:10).

Matthew 24 is key and Christ was pointing towards Jerusalem. Today has never been more hated as now for our stand for truth and our unshakable persistence to stand against homosexuality, anti-semtism and the heretical so-called conservative populist movements. Yet we still get daily accusations of “doing it for the money”.

And what do all these have in common? It is just as John predicted: Paganism. Regardless to some who even carry crucifixes, they all love their pagan (not Christian) heritage.

Reddit history of Richard Spencer talking about paganism

In the U.S., Richard Spencer praises Protestant Calvinism. Calvinist will complain “its only Richard Spencer, stupid”. But Calvinism’s predestination adheres similarly to Islam’s Al-Qada wal-Qadr fatalism. This is a major heresy.


The difference between evil people and God’s people is the type of proof each seek. The faithful examines miracles as they come, while the faithless demand a custom-made miracle for proof. These are the types Christ forewarned about: “An evil and adulterous generation seek a sign“. These are not satisfied unless the sign is custom-made to what they expect. God indicated this when the faithful were satisfied with Manna, to these, this sufficed that heaven spoke, while the faithless wanted a custom-made miracle that satisfied their bellies, they demanded meat instead of Manna, which eventually harmed the ardent skeptics.

But such miracles is not exclusive to Israel. God’s people (the church) had similar experiences. When Germany was completely engulfed emulating ancient Israel’s syncretism, mixing God with Odin, God responded with similar devastation. The same was for Sodom and Gomorrah. In these situations, the evil has to be so wide-spread that there is no hope, unless God intervenes by sending catastrophes.

Evil people will always come up with a response to God. Whether East (Buddhism, Islam) or post-Christian West, I am amazed how these choose someone disabled and then elevate them to deceive many. In the West, they love to provide a disabled person with supposed high IQ. In the Muslim east, like the West, plenty are the disabled blind who ‘amazingly’ become Muslim scholars, memorizers of the Quran, deceiving millions because of their supposed ‘brilliant minds’. The only difference between Eastern and Western deception is the cellophane-wrapping. Stephen Hawking, while they claimed his high IQ, the imbecile did not have enough wisdom to keep his Christian wife, divorced her and married a heathen, to only get beaten by her and then return to beg for his Christian wife. Talk about male chauvinism and a man who was not so brilliant after all. Wisdom, as it turns out, is better than having an IQ. It must have been a great act of love for any woman who would want to kiss this cluster of homeliness.

Any ladies out there would comment below that they do not mind kissing this guy please come forward, that is if your upper lip does not get pierced and hooked by these lower fangs

Germany chose a similar path of ancient Israel. They were steeped into the occult, mixed God with Odin and we all have seen Dresden. God spoke. We do not need to see this story in the Bible to believe. However, prophecy reveals the seven mountains. The Roman Empire, being the sixth, its scepter was taken by the seventh, Ottomans in the East and before them by the Germanic people in the West. Prophecy then indicates who were the seventh, the scepter takers being the Ottomans plus the Germans to become “the eighth”.

Germany and the Ottomans today is turning back the clock where in Germany racist Asatrú and Odinism is growing in Europe, no different from ancient Israel’s falling away into pagan Yahwism. Today national pride and the desire for a pre-Christian religious structure plays a factor.

While we agree that Islam is a major threat, but on the other hand, how could God bless a people, when they mix God with Odin while they only denounce Allah? When this happens to God’s people, God intervenes with His hammer of destruction, as we have witnessed Dresden flattened by the most powerful of the nations, the U.S., and yet many still disagree this was God’s judgment. Today many ‘Christians’ complain about Christian militancy and the bombing of Dresden, even though the bulk majority of Catholic and Protestant theologians approve.

Even Calvinism permitted defensive wars, yet today we have Calvinist apologists, like James White, oppose it, but only because it suits an argument. Watch how these switch using moral equivalency and sophism to equate “Christian defensive wars” with “Muslim defensive wars” while completely forgetting to first condemn their prophet, John Calvin, for saying the same things we said. These simply love Dresden and defend Germany because it is simply their Mecca:

This Mecca, Germany, is now renewing interest in this same Germanic neopaganism with the same Nordic/Teutonic mythology that stemmed from ancient India and Egypt. What we see today was the bedrock belief and key to the Third Reich, the integral part of the initiation rites, paganism and cosmology of the elite Schutzstaffel (SS), which supervised Adolf Hitler’s network of death camps.

So just as Sennacherib’s soldiers (pagans) sacked Israel (God’s punishment to Israel for mixing God with paganism), Islam’s neo-Ottomans (Arian heretical pagans) will at some point, we presume, sack Europe, where east will move to west. (Daniel 11:18, Ezekiel 26:15, Ezekiel 27:10, 35).

Had we been in ancient Israel, should we lament the destruction of Israel by hating Sennacherib? Sure, but should we also hate God’s judgment for judging righteously? No. While we lament the loss of life in Germany and Japan, we must also accept God’s judgments rather than lament the death of the U.S., by the hands of Germany and Japan.

Therefore, we must view history from God’s perspective and not by our limited human lens. Christianity spread from east to west. How could one call themselves Christian and hate his spiritual origins: the east? The poor east has already been plundered by Islam and whats left of the West, Christ cleanses taking the same route, east to west:

“For as lightning cometh out of the east, and appeareth even into the west: so shall the coming of the Son of man be.” (Matthew 24:27)

He sweeps where Antichrist rules from east to west. Understanding all this is easy, but if you are waiting for Jesus to do it all by Himself when He comes, there is news for lazy servants, that unless Christians are willing to die the death of Bonhoeffer when faced with the epidemic of his day, these, who comment about abstaining from war and suffering, promote the death of the innocent. These can forget joining the Kingdom.

Therefore, what we see arising today is not simply “skinheads” but a massive move, a cocktail blend, neopaganism mixed in with Christianity, the cyanid of cyanids. So here lays the Jesus-style question: how could these complain about Israel, while at the same time, they behave no different from when ancient Israel was punished by God?



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