The Climate Shell Game

Image: Destroying the moral imperative of fossil fuels by weaponizing weather to support Green fraud and American Marxism

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Video: Tony Heller
Nothing the press or politicians say about climate has anything to do with climate. It is a smoke screen masking other agendas.


Man Made Global Warming doesn’t necessarily mean “Man Made,” or “Global,” – in fact it doesn’t even really have to mean “Warming.” Let’s just call it “Climate Emergency”!:

New Study Finds East And West Antarctica Have Profoundly Cooled By -2.8°C And -1.68°C Since 1979

No, not thanks to climate change, thanks to the disgusting far, far, far left (typical Communist) evil, corruption and incompetence:

Claim: 1972 Club of Rome End of World Prediction Still on Track, Thanks to Climate Change

Not securing the food supply while pushing trillions of dollars to “renewable”:

A Catalog of Crop Failures

Not preparing, or protecting against weather events everybody knows happens – every year – somewhere – while pushing trillions of dollars to “renewable”:

The Greens threaten us with floods but fail to protect against them

Cascade Of Consequences

We can only hope as many as possible will be held responsible!


100% Data Tampering