THE END OF SWEDEN: Scandinavian Country Legalizes Child Marriages For Muslim Immigrants

Image: Swedish Court Approves Child Marriage

Sweden has legalized child marriages for immigrant pedophiles who wish to stay married to their underaged wives.

In a move criticised by many as promoting pedophilia, the Swedish government have defended their controversial decision saying that the huge influx of immigrants from polygamous and ‘sexually diverse’ cultures has resulted in a sensitive ‘humanitarian’ crisis.

“WE DO NOT ACCEPT OR CONDONE CHILD MARRIAGES, BUT THE LAW ALSO STATES THAT INDIVIDUAL TRIALS SHOULD BE CONDUCTED IN EACH CASE. OUR ASSESSMENT WAS THAT THE GIRLS COULD LIVE WITH THEIR MEN DURING THE ASYLUM PROCESS,” KARLSKRONA SOCIAL COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON INGRID HERMANSSON SAID. reports: This approach, however, was not shared by Camilla Brunsberg of the Conservative Party, who contended that the couples should have been dissolved. According to Brunsberg, the girls should have instead been placed in a residential care home for children and young persons, whereas their spouses should have been referred to the Migration Board’s asylum residence. Brunsberg argued that there was no other alternative, as all other solutions implied that Sweden was backtracking in its acceptance of child marriage.

Brunsberg also voiced doubt whether the underage girls really dare to say the truth about their situation when interrogated by Swedish authorities, suggesting that individual assessments in reality did not carry much weight.

Nevertheless, Ingrid Hermansson argued that individual trials in cases of underage immigrants who are married will continue to be held, at least until the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) comes up with different guidelines on the matter.

At present, Swedish legislation on child marriages seems to be applied differently in different municipalities. Earlier this year, the Administrative Court of Växjö ruled that a 14-year-old pregnant girl could be placed with her adult husband’s immigrant family, arguing that this was part of their culture. Remarkably, both the girl and her spouse were highly critical of the Swedish law banning underage marriage.


Policemen and a group of migrants stand on the platform at the Swedish end of the bridge between Sweden and Denmark in Malmo, Sweden, on November 12, 2015

Previously, the Migration Board identified 132 married children, of them 129 girls and 3 boys, most of them coming from Syria, Iraq and Afghanisatan. Most of them were 16 or 17, while 14 of them were aged 15 or under. Part of the problem is that neither the Migration Board nor the Swedish municipalities have any routine to detect married minors. Therefore, no comprehensive assessments have been made.



Muslim Refugee Molests 8 Girls, Freed When Despicable Liberal Judge Hears His 2-Word Reason

After a lifeguard detained a refugee for sexually assaulting 8 different girls at the beach, his victims expected the perpetrator to serve a lengthy jail sentence. However, the migrant molester easily escaped prison when he told a liberal judge 2 simple words, explaining why he had no other choice but to sexually abuse the innocent girls.

As the West adopts multiculturalism, the most barbaric and oppressive of ideologies are given free rein to enact their disturbing religious and cultural practices. In fact, it has now become a justification for these offenders to deliberately disobey our laws if they simply wish to adhere to their native country’s savageries. As long as it can be claimed as part of their religion, they are free to commit inhumane acts without fear of reprimand.
Despite initially reporting that an 18-year-old Muslim Pakistani was arrested for molesting 8 female victims, the mainstream media revised their reports after an Austrailian court decided to try the man as a 17-year-old Afghan refugee when they discovered that he had no documents. ABC News reports that the asylum seeker was detained after spending 2 hours groping victims between the ages of 15 and 24 before he was confronted by a lifeguard at Surfers Paradise Beach on January 16, 2016.
After 3 of his victims reported him to authorities, 8 girls in total testified that the man had grabbed their breasts, bottoms, and genitals during the festivities. The migrant was found guilty of 9 counts of sexual assault and 3 counts of common assault. However, despite damning charges, Southport District Court Judge David Kent decided last week to instead try the asylum seeker as a child, dropped 2 original counts of rape, and freed him with just 2 years of probation after the migrant told him that he shouldn’t be punished for breaking the law because of his “cultural differences.”

Although the refugee pleaded guilty to 9 counts of sexual assault and 3 counts of assault at Surfers Paradise Beach (pictured), Judge Kent dropped 2 rapes charges, scrubbed his record of the conviction, and freed him with 2 years of probation in front of 2 of his 15-year-old victims. (Photo source: ABC News)
Although ABC conveniently omitted Judge Kent’s inexcusable response, Yahoo News printed that the judge excused the molester’s crimes because he believes “seeing girls in bikinis is different to the environment in which he grew up.” Sickeningly, 2 of the migrant’s 15-year-old victims were present in court to watch in horror as Judge Kent freed their molester and excused his abusive behavior.



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