The FBI Agent Who Took Hillary’s Bribes Just Got Some Really Bad News

This week we learned that the wife of an FBI agent who was involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign finance donations. That FBI agent is now being asked to resign. The Political Insider reported: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a long-time Clinton insider and former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, helped facilitate donations – two separate payments, one for $467,500 and another for $207,788 – to the campaign coffers of the wife of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. McCabe just so happened to take on “an oversight role in the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails” just months later. The new Deputy Director didn’t feel the need to recuse himself from the case, creating a clear conflict of interest. Now, he could be in big trouble… Via the Washington Examiner: The FBI’s second in command is facing pressure over donations Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a top Clinton ally, made




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