The Lies And Manipulation Around Coronavirus Mass Panic

By John O’Sullivan – Principia Scientific International  

Independent scientists are increasingly speaking out concerning false claims and misinformation about the COVID-19 ‘pandemic.’ No Lab Has Yet Isolated and Identified COVID-19 so how can anyone claim a vaccine is “in development?”

Principal villain appears to be Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (photo, above). He is the discredited head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and exposed  today in ‘Evidence Shows Director General of World Health Organization Severely Overstated the Fatality Rate of the Coronavirus Leading to the Greatest Global Panic in History.’ (

WHO’s Ghebreyesus is a hated man in his own country – accused of being a serial liar and cause of mass deaths in the Ethiopian Cholera outbreak of 2008. Many in that nation were shocked that someone with a reputation for corruption could be placed in charge of the World Health Organisation. [1]

With someone in such a key position accused of having no integrity, no competency, no morality is it any wonder this global pandemic appears to be the ‘perfect storm’ where so many malign forces have come together to crash the global economy over an illness no more dangerous than ordinary influenza?

While Ghebreyesus triggered this insanity by misrepresenting the comparative death rates between COVID-19 and seasonal flu, the mainstream media is at fever pitch and complicit in failing to explain in a balanced way to the public that the true mortality rate of COVID-19 is lower than ordinary flu.

In addition, a new study reveals that 86 Percent Infected with Coronavirus in Public Are Undetected. Having roughly 90% of cases be undetected leads to a death rate of 1/10 of what the media is hyperventilating over.

As names and shames the false reporting:

“Yes, it is worse than the flu: busting the coronavirus myths”, it headlines, before telling us coronavirus is “10 times more deadly” than the flu, which they claim has a death rate of “only 0.1%”.

This is a) clearly aimed at countering articles like this one that try to bring some realism to bear (apparently that now counts as myth-making), and b) so deceptive it verges on a total lie.

If you include every single known or estimated case of flu in the world then sure you can bring the death rate down to 0.1%. But if you more properly compare hospitalised flu cases with the hospitalised COVID19 cases, the regular flu actually has a much higher mortality rate. 5.6% (in the US) compared with 1-3%.”

So, why aren’t they closing the world down every year to save us from the more dangerous disease – ordinary flu?

Chicken Littles and Snowflakes are whining that: “We can’t be complacent because it could mutate into something really deadly and kill us all!”

Well sure. It could do that. As could absolutely any other virus in existence, known or unknown. Many things could happen. But we don’t act as if they have until they do. Right?

False Results from Medical Tests Skews Statistics

According to scientific studies the tests available are also not very good in diagnosing COVID 19, the total positive rate of RT-PCR for throat swab samples has been reported to be about 30% to 60% at initial presentation. [2]

Meanwhile, the independent scientific community is increasingly skeptical. Reporting to Principia Scientific International, one commentator (name withheld) observed:

“RT-PCR can’t diagnose COVID-19 because they haven’t isolated the virus as a standard of comparison, it can detect other things but not that condition – that’s why. There is no COVID-19 without a specific coronavirus whose whole genome has been characterized/ sequenced and even then proof is required that that the alleged ‘virus’ is THE cause of the syndrome and nothing else. This is not an easy scientific task to undertake and nobody in mainstream virology/microbiology has done that to date.”

We haven’t seen evidence yet of any scientific paper demonstrating the step by step details of how this virus was isolated/purified, with accompanying electron microscope photographs (not doctored colored computer generated ‘models’).

We shall remain skeptics (and true to the scientific method) until photos with a side-bar showing virus size and diameter and being free from all other particulate matter, including microvesicles and other cell debris are made publicly available.

No Lab Has Yet Isolated and Identified COVID-19

President Trump sensibly called for the wider scientific publishing community to open up their libraries to the public and show us all the actual scientific studies so we may be better informed and part of the solution.

Our members, many qualified in relevant fields, are asking for access to studies. But where are they? We need to know the name(s) of the scientist(s) who claimed to have first identified the virus.

Can anyone say when and where and at which laboratory COVID-19 was isolated?

Answer: No 

Where are the details of its genetic substance and proteins being sequenced after obtaining the whole virus genome? Who funded such research, and what controls were used to prove that the virus particles were in indeed infectious in living animals or humans?


What The Public Are Not Being Told Is That Patients Can Only Be Correctly Diagnosed With COVID-19 By Isolating The Alleged ‘Virus’ From A Patient With Its Genome Intact.

The nucleic acid and proteins must be identified and analyzed to prove that it really is infectious. This is done by introducing the pure virus particles (and nothing else) into uninfected cell cultures, animals or humans and also to see if the in vivo cases end up with COVID-19. None of the above is easy to do, and nobody has yet claimed to have done it.

Who Benefits from Mass Fear-mongering?

Some claim it is about a globalist agenda for population control; a means to distract from and/or curtail Donald Trump’s re-election to the US Presidency, etc. But there is also the money angle.

Whitney Webb (Feb 26,  2020) wrote of:

“a little known specialized bond created in 2017 by the World Bank may hold the answer as to why U.S. and global health authorities have declined to label the global spread of the novel coronavirus a “pandemic.””

Academics and Big Pharma will be salivating about vaccine research grants or the tests being sold and shipped out by the case. Speculators are getting primed to get back into the stock market as headless media chickens get flapping  over this “deadly pandemic” about to trigger the biggest crash in stock prices since 2008.

With almost zero % interest rates being offered by the US Federal Reserve and many central banks, the richest are being gifted opportunities to make a lot of money here.

Did the Global Elite Already Plan to Profit From This?

Image above: Before the COVID-19 epidemic Billionaire, Bill Gates, explains how patented CORONAVIRUS could be used as a useful tool to benefit globalism

Take note that Bill Gates and other billionaires several months ago coincidentally staged their Event 201, an exercise focusing on a zoonotic form of a novel coronavirus, which predicted a complete crash in the financial markets. The event, sponsored by Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Medicine and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ended with a list of seven recommendations, which you can read here.)

Meanwhile, politicians are looking to encroach further on civil liberties. Denmark already has legislated and brought about laws to enforce compulsory mass vaccinations.

Beware the ‘Experts’ Who Lie

So, WHO head honcho Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, lied in a press conference in early March that the fatality rate for the coronavirus was many multiples that of the fatality rate of the common flu. We now know the reverse is true.

As things stand, the statistics show if you’re a man who smokes, are over 80, has existing health problems, has blood group A then you are most at risk. But let’s look for some context, please!

Look at the quarantine of the Princess Cruise ship, over 30 days and 4,000 people, gives us good numbers for a population of concentrated Seniors where seven died. Only 15% got infected (average age of 70). Of that 50% of infected never got sick (instead of computer model of 86%). Symptoms are mild for younger people.

Even if you live in the center of Wuhan you have a 99.2% chance of not even catching COVID19. And if you DO catch it you will likely be fine. Even if you are that frail, elderly male smoker.

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