The Mechanics Behind The Electronic Vote Steal Operation

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Host L Todd Wood reveals the mechanics behind the electronic vote steal operation in an interview with powerful source.

This is an hour long, DETAILED look into how the election was rigged from the beginning – what isn’t share is how Trump has everything he needs to bring it ALL to court …


More Voter Fraud Live On Air!!!

THIS from Twitter User @A_Blossom4USA. Pay close attention to the Pennsylvania figures :
BEFORE : Trump 1690589; Biden 1252537
AFTER : Trump 1670631 (-19958) ; Biden 1272495 (+19958)

.. and live:

See, that is how Biden got so many “votes,” the fraudsters kept draining President Trump’s voter pool.

A Calm and Happy President Trump Finishes Golf Round During Which Biden Was Declared Winner By MSM By Taking Picture With Bride at His Golf Club


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