The Nazi-Left Used Children at the End of WWII – Today’s “Green” Nazis are Also Using Children. It’s a Leftist-Thing

Image: International poll: most expect to feel impact of climate change, many think it will make us extinct

The climate and the environment are two different topics, mixing it document lack of knowledge or, even worse, deep dishonesty.

Despite massive propaganda and censorship of dissenting views of real scientists rejecting the climate FRAUD on most channels including the MSM – still the “Green” Rent & Grant Seeking Community of Activists and Criminals hasn’t managed to persuade, or convince all of us. Consider how massive the propaganda has been over the last decades it’s amazing there’s so many skeptics.

Of course, countries ment to recieve huge amounts of money from the industrialized part of the world “believe” in climate change. $100 Billion every year “belief.”

Tucker: Climate protests are not about the environment

By Fox News

In climate change, the left has found an emergency big enough to justify taking control of everything.


International poll: most expect to feel impact of climate change, many think it will make us extinct

New YouGov study of 30,000 people in 28 countries and regions uncovers noticeable differences in attitudes between East and West

Climate change may never before have been as firmly fixed in the public consciousness as it is today. With campaigner Greta Thunberg set to speak at the UN’s Climate Action Summit, a new international YouGov survey uncovers attitudes to climate change across the world.

Acknowledgement of mankind’s role in the changing climate is widespread

That climate change is happening and that humanity is at least partly responsible is a view held by the majority across the world. Indians are the most likely to think that human activity is the main reason the climate is changing, at 71%.

At 35% Norwegians and Saudi Arabians are the least likely to think this, although a further 36% and 48% respectively in each country think that humanity is partially responsible for the changing climate.

Depending on country, only between 0% and 6% of people believe that no climate change whatsoever is taking place, and likewise only between 1% and 9% in each nation say that climate change is happening, but that it has nothing to do with human activity. In both cases it is in the USA that these views are most likely to be held.

Most expect climate change to have a large or moderate impact on their lives

Climate change isn’t just seen as something that exists but happens to other people – across the world people tend to expect that climate change will have a large or moderate impact on their own lives.

There is, however, a notable East/West divide. People in Eastern and Middle Eastern countries tend to be much more likely to think that climate change will have a great deal of impact than those in the West. For instance, while fully 75% of Filipinos and 65% of Qataris expect to have their lives disrupted in a large way (the highest rate in Asia and the Middle East respectively), in Europe the most worried nation is Spain, at only 32%. The Nordic nations come at the very bottom, with only between 10% and 14% thinking climate change is set to disturb their lives a great deal.

In fact, many believe some of the worst case scenarios are now likely…

We also put some of the worst case climate change scenarios to people and asked whether they thought they were likely or not.

Majorities in all countries believe that climate change will result in: serious damage to the global economy; cities being lost to rising sea levels; mass displacement of people from some parts of the world to others; and small wars.

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But, as we know, it’s not about the climate – at all!

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