The “Old Media” is losing out to new technology, a development they exacerbate by their see through low IQ lies and bias reporting.

Image: Old media is gone and New media is MEDIA

It’s actually a good thing that the old, dishonest media is losing ground. We can only pray their low IQ will continue to prevent them from understanding the connection between honest reporting an public support.

Bill O’Reilly: Malicious media malpractice is the cause of their demise

Bill O’Reilly joins Glenn to discuss the media malice that has permeated the news cycle after the release of the Mueller report. They have traded in journalistic integrity for hatemongering, impeachment mobs but they don’t seem to realize that the American people are no longer buying into their nonsense. CNN and MSNBC are languishing – the people have spoken! No more division caused by lies, malice, and collusion. Watch Glenn and Bill give their take where we are headed now.










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