The Sellout of America’s Corrupted Politicians on Both Sides of the Aisle

By George McClellan – America Out Loud

We have finally arrived at that long-dreaded historical moment where the realization finally dawns on us that America cannot be saved unless and until the Republican party is quickly purged of those several individual politicians who try to convince us that they are conservative statesmen working in our best interests. How naive of us to believe that one Democrat Senator from West Virginia can save our Republic from the evil that’s coming! Where are the Republicans? They exist as either camouflaged democrats, sniveling turncoats or sybarites, unabashedly dedicated to their own comfort, or cretins hiding behind the rhetoric of lies, obfuscation, and ignorance. They are afflicted with pushover syndrome and righteously live in fear, as they should.

Any Republican politician who even remotely agrees with or votes for the nonsense spewed out by the Pelosi-Schumer-led Communist Democrats on any issue now before the nation stands as just candidates for removal ASAP. To retain them in Congress is to justify their roles as dangerous fifth columnists bought and paid for by special interests like George Soros and the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s shocking how deep foreign money, especially from China, has penetrated and corrupted American politicians, its deep state bureaucracy, and America’s commercial interests who revel in receiving money from the Chinese Communist Party. 

The Chinese propaganda machine has entrapped nearly all of America’s great, worldwide commercial interests, like transportation, entertainment, sports, clothing manufacturing, tools, medicines, electronics, and spare parts to the point that America cannot exist without them. Do we believe this is just happenstance? No, of course not! It’s been in the planning and execution stages for decades, and now, like Brer Rabbit, were firmly stuck in the tar of corruption. Our extraction will not come with any assistance from the “woke” creatures holding national office as Republicans. 

So, where are we now? We’re In a heap of trouble! Democrats are redefining who America’s most dangerous domestic terrorists are. It’s those awful Trump supporters, white supremacists actually, who are the real danger. Being accused of “racism” for not supporting the Black Leninists Matters (BLM) group is the Left’s tool of choice to beat Americans into political submission. Not one Republican voice can be heard in reply. Those that would or could have been censored by the social justice warriors of the Commie Democrat Party or kicked off committee assignments by crazy Nancy.

One of the left’s primary goals is to confiscate firearms from all Americans or their schemes cannot proceed. But first, they must neutralize the thousands of small and large police forces throughout the nation.

Laws aren’t doing it but “Defund the Police,” schemes, base on phony accusations of police misconduct when arresting felons who die resisting or from their own health issues, have generated city rioting, arsons, ambushes of officers, and stand down orders by leftists mayors, etc., will do it! The ranks of policemen are thinning rapidly due to retirements and early resignations by police officers, leaving law and order on the streets to whoever the Democrats can scratch up as their Nazi-style SD and SA. Think BLM and Antifa Street thugs for a start. Nancy Pelosi believes she can field the Capitol Police as a national police force to install law and order on the streets and disarm all citizens. To those of us old enough to remember, the thought of the SS and Gestapo can’t be ignored. It’s what totalitarian governments do.

We fool ourselves if we don’t realize that the Democrats, in fact, know exactly what they’ve been doing and the Republicans don’t!  Any GOP response that ignores our countries peril is to be Political Correct, and that guarantees failure with the inevitable loss of our Constitutional protections in exchange for safety. 

If our police ranks are emptied of true Americans, can we depend on the military? No! Biden’s Defense Secretary wants to depopulate the ranks of all officers and soldiers who refuse to accept transgenders and other perverts as co-equals within the bosom of necessary military preparedness. Will the GOP resist? No, they will again disappear behind their standard rhetoric of “military readiness” to avoid confronting the Democratic evil. The media will, of course, quickly praise those Republicans like Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and the others, who saddle up with the Democrat agenda and push our country further Left.

Will the debate continue? Not a chance! The Left has no sane arguable points and will not debate the issues; They must turn to name-calling, screaming that conservatives are deniers, and run away before they should become contaminated with reason and common sense, let alone any understanding of the rule of law .. Full article at America Out Loud


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