+ The Twitter Court Of Law

Image: ‘This is Really Bad’: Social Media Users Voice Concern After Joe Biden Appears Incoherent in Pittsburgh Speech

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Video: Tony Heller

Twitter, the press, and the left in general have abandoned our most sacred legal principles of presumption of innocence, and the right to self defense.


Democrats like the violence, unless they’re losing. Dinesh D’Souza with Dr. Gorka on AMERICA First

Video: America First with Sebastian Gorka


Like Hitler was a representative of the very, very sick left, so was the KKK – still is!

Far right violence, yeah right, that doesn’t exist in the real world, it’s just a low IQ talking point, propaganda by the always dishonest and violent left to defend their own violent ways and to justify their own unabating, never ending, reprehensible violence.

Biden: Trump Won’t Condemn Far Right Violence — He Never Condemned KKK



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