Three Muslim migrants try to rape a girl in Greece, when her boyfriends steps in to protect her he is slaughtered

On the 16th of August, near the hill of Filopappou under the Acropolis in Athens, a gang of three migrants attacked a young couple during the night, news outlet Iefimerida reports.

The migrants tried to separate the 23-year-old Portuguese woman from her boyfriend. The young Greek reacted immediately, fighting all three of them.

During the fight the 25-year-old Greek fell off the cliff, resulting in fatal injuries. The gang fled due to the screams of his girlfriend.

Though the hellenic police arrived immediately, the culprits managed to escape. An ambulance took the victim to a local hospital where he died despite doctors’ efforts. According to the Portuguese woman’s statement to police, the culprits had a dark Asian complexion.

Filopappou hill is one of the most visited tourist sights. As we reported earlier, the places around Acropolis are under control of migrant gangs that attack mostly young couples attempting to rob them. The Greek state seems unable (or unwilling?) to stop them.

Tourists must be EXTRA vigilant while walking around Acropolis, where these gangs are targeting their victims. Millions of tourists are visiting Athens during August and incidents like this are a blow for the local economy.



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