Tom Fitton “Trump Did the Right Thing and Should be Applauded”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discusses President Trump’s recent firing of disgraced FBI Director James Comey and is 100% supportive.

“President Trump did the right thing in firing James Comey as FBI Director.He mishandled the Clinton email investigation. He’s mishandling the Russia leak investigation and quite frankly Republicans and Democrats don’t think much of his leadership at the FBI.”

Fitton goes on to explain that Comey’s firing should be applauded.

We agree with Tom Fitton 100%.

James Comey was a complete failure and his leadership undermined the credibility of the FBI as a whole.

With Comey GONE, the FBI can once again become a trusted organization.


Napolitano: Many FBI agents felt demeaned by Comey’s actions

Hannity: James Comey is a national embarrassment

Firing the former FBI chief was the absolute right thing for President Trump to do



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