Trudeau Launches Anti-Freedom Crusade, One Man Stands in the Way

Published February 23, 2024

Pierre Poilievre is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s chief political rival. In a recent interview, Poilievre went scorched earth on Trudeau’s anti-free speech political aspirations.



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Published February 22, 2024

OTTAWA—The federal government is poised to introduce a long-awaited bill aimed at curbing a range of dangers young Canadians are exposed to online, the Star has learned.

The legislation, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said will be tabled next week, is expected to focus on seven types of harmful online content, a senior government source told the Star on the condition they not be named.

Three of those categories concern minors: child sexual exploitation content, content that induces a child to harm themselves and content that is used to bully a child.

A fourth category, the sharing of intimate content without consent, is aimed at Canadians of any age.

“This bill really is, first and foremost, a child protection bill,” the source said.

The remaining three content types expected to appear in the impending legislation are content that promotes hatred, content that incites violence, and content that incites violent extremism or terrorism.

In introducing the bill, the minority Liberals will be making good on a longstanding promise to combat a scourge of dangerous content proliferating online.

The legislation is now more than two years overdue; during the 2021 federal election, Trudeau committed to ushering in the bill within his first 100 days of forming government.




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