Trump calls climate change crisis ‘fake science’, Greenpeace goes berserk

Image: Greenpeace Co-Founder: “Climate Crisis Is Not Obly Fake News. It’s Fake Science”

Everything from and by the left is FAKE simply because their aims are genuine egocentric.

This really might end up being “quote of the year” rather than “quote of the week”. This morning Pres. Donald Trump tweeted about Dr. Patrick Moore the co-founder of Greenpeace. What he said is creating a firestorm amongst some green organizations.

Too many those are fighting words, and Greenpeace has already fired back obviously very upset. But at the same time they are illustrating just how much of a bunch of liars they are:

The problem is, we’ve already caught them out on this lie, because the Internet never forgets:




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Why do CO2 lag behind temperature?

71% of the earth is covered by ocean, water is a 1000 times denser than air and the mass of the oceans are 360 times that of the atmosphere, small temperature changes in the oceans doesn’t only modulate air temperature, but it also affect the CO2 level according to Henry’s Law.

The reason it is called “Law” is because it has been “proven”!

“.. scientific laws describe phenomena that the scientific community has found to be provably true ..”

That means, the graph proves CO2 do not control temperature, that again proves (Man Made) Global Warming, now called “Climate Change” due to lack of … Warming is – again – debunked!