Trump: DOJ Protecting Hillary from Jail

Donald Trump said the Justice Department is protecting Hillary Clinton despite the various findings by the FBI in its email probe. “She’s protected by the Department of Justice — and this has never happened to our country before,” the Republican nominee told a rally Thursday in Selma, N.C. “The FBI is in there.

“They’re doing their job, and they’re not allowed to be doing their job,” he said. “What’s going on is a disgrace.”

Trump then referenced a report as many as five foreign agencies might have accessed Clinton’s emails. “We now know, with almost 100 percent confidence, that at least five foreign intelligence agencies breached the Clinton server,” Trump said.

“Then, she tried to destroy the evidence by deleting the emails, after receiving a United States congressional subpoena. “Hillary created the server to shield her criminal activity and her corrupt pay-for-play scheme, where she sold her office as secretary of state to donors and special interests.

“The FBI has it all,” he said, referring to the Democrat’s private emails. “They have it all.

“They’re not allowed to do anything with it because her protector is the Department of Justice.”


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