Trump: I Will Send Texas Reinforcements, Not a Restraining Order

Published January 28, 2024

Former President Donald Trump, speaking in a Commit to Caucus rally in Las Vegas on Saturday, promised that he will support Texas in its battle to secure the border, not push back against the state like the Biden administration is doing.

“When I’m president, instead of trying to send Texas a restraining order, I will send them reinforcements,” Trump told the large crowd gathered at Big League Dreams sports park in Las Vegas.

“Instead of fighting border states, I will use every resource tool and authority of the U.S. president to defend the United States of America from this horrible invasion that is taking place right now,” Trump said during the rally, which aired live on Newsmax and simulcast on the Newsmax2 online streaming platform.

He further vowed that he will “deploy all necessary military and law enforcement resources to seal up the final section of the border.”

“We built over 500 miles of wall,” he said. “Usually you like to know the other side, and you like to know where the other side’s coming from. Nobody to this day can explain why this open wound is good for our country.”

Trump added that the influx of potential Hispanic votes is also not good for President Joe Biden and Democrats.

“With the Hispanic vote, we’re doing better now than the Democrat Party,” he said. “We’re going to repeal the invasion.”

He pointed out that when he campaigned in 2016, “we had a very bad border,” but that when he was elected, he solved the problems.

But when 2020 rolled around, “I didn’t have the border to run on because I did such a good job with the border that the border wasn’t an issue,” Trump said. “I did such a good job, I took it out of play. And now I’m saying the border is in play like it’s never been in play before, because what they’ve done is they’ve taken all of the things that I did to make it so good. Literally, we couldn’t put it in a speech. Nobody wanted to hear about the border. We had no border problem.”

But, Trump said, “Crooked Joe Biden is fighting Texas to tear our beautiful border security down there,” by ordering the razor wire that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered to be put up cut down.

As a result of Biden’s policies, Trump said the border situation is a “catastrophe waiting to happen.”



TITLE: Border Patrol Says Agents Will Not Remove Texas Razor Wire Barriers

Published January 27, 2024

In defiance of the Biden Administration’s wishes, senior figures within Customs and Border Protection have stated that there are no plans to have Border Patrol agents remove razor wire barriers erected along sections of the border by the Texas National Guard.

Fox News reports that a high ranking CBP official told the network that their relationship with the Guard is “strong”.

“While this issue plays out in the courts, the relationship between Border Patrol, Texas DPS [Department of Public Safety], & TMD [Texas Military Dept.] remains strong,” the official said, adding “Our focus is and will always be the mission of protecting this country and its people.”

“On the ground, we continue to work alongside these valuable partners in that endeavor,” the official continued, adding “Bottom line: Border Patrol has no plans to remove infrastructure (c-wire) placed by Texas along the border.”

“Our posture remains the same. If we need to access an area for emergency response, we will do so. When that happens, we will coordinate with Texas DPS & TMD,” the official further declared.

Border Patrol has ‘no plans’ to remove razor wire set up by Texas amid feud with Biden admin

— Fox News (@FoxNews) January 26, 2024
The Border Patrol Union also issued a statement outlining that agents will not interfere with Texas National Guard members carrying out “lawful” operations.

“TX NG and rank-and-file BP agents work together and respect each other’s jobs. Period. If TX NG members have LAWFUL orders, then they have to carry out those orders,” the statement notes.

“Rank-and-file BP agents appreciate and respect what TX has been doing to defend their state in the midst of this catastrophe that the Biden Admin has unleashed on America,” the statement continues, adding “We want to be perfectly clear, there is no fight between rank-and-file BP agents and the TX NG, Gov. Abott, or TX DPS.”



RELATED: ‘Take Our Border Back’ Convoy Heads South to Rally for Border Security

A grassroots group has organized a multi-day convoy urging the federal government to secure the southern border.

People gather in El Monte, Calif., to show support for truckers partaking in a convoy from Los Angeles to Washington D.C in protest of coronavirus mandates on Feb. 25, 2022. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)
Published January 27, 2024

A grassroots group has organized a convoy to the southern border, where they will hold multiple rallies urging the Biden administration to secure the border.

The convoy, dubbed “Take Our Border Back,” will kick off on Jan. 29 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and make its way to San Ysidro, California. The event will wrap with rallies in Texas, Arizona, and California on Feb. 3.

“‘We The People’ are uniting all concerned citizens residing in the United States of America who have First Amendment right to PEACEFULLY gather and protest,” the organizers of the Take Our Border Back wrote in a press release.
Organizer Noél Roberts of Arizona told The Epoch Times that the group has been working with communities and law enforcement officials along the route to ensure the safety of convoy participants and others who attend the rallies.

Ms. Roberts said there had been false reports that the convoy plans to line up along the border and engage with illegal immigrants attempting to cross into the United States.

“First of all, we’re not going to be on the line of the border,” she said, adding that participants would not be engaging with anyone who is illegally crossing into the country. “We deeply respect [law enforcement] and will never infringe on that.”





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