Trump on Newsweek charge: ‘I never did business in Cuba’

Crooked Hillary Clinton has broken more laws than anyone in the US political history, combined, and that is proven. Being vocally critical about a made up crime her own team of criminals fabricated only goes to show how nasty, corrupt and disgusting she is.

The story:

Donald Trump has denied allegations he illegally did business in Cuba after a report emerged Thursday indicating the billionaire businessman violated a U.S. embargo against the island.

“No. I never did business in Cuba. There’s this guy who has very bad reputation as a reporter. You see what his record is. He wrote something about me in Cuba. No I never did anything in Cuba. I never did a deal in Cuba. I heard about it last night for the first time,” Trump said during an interview on New Hampshire television station NH1, which was broadcast Thursday night. Trump had attended a campaign rally in Bedford, N.H., earlier in the day.

Newsweek reported Thursday morning that Trump Hotel executives spent $68,000 in 1998 during a trip to Cuba to feel out potential business ventures for the Trump Organization. Trump has now been accused of spending tens of thousands of dollars overseas in Cuba without obtaining the government clearance from the U.S. Treasury.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton responded by bashing the GOP candidate for “putting his business interests ahead of the laws of the United States.”

Source: Washington Examiner



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